Carex Transfer Bench Extension Legs - Adds up to 6" icon


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  • What is the weight limit for these extensions?

    Thanks for reaching out! The weight limit is determined by the chair itself and not the legs. To get the weight limit, you'd need to look at the chair's weight limit.

  • WILL THESE FIT CAREX transfer bench model number FGB15300 0000 (sold on Amazon). I

    While these fit most models of transfer benches, they are only guaranteed to fit B150-11, B152-11, B154-11 & B156-11.

  • the shower chair I have is a carex can not find model, it's legs now are seven and one half inches in length end to end with the rubber ends on, are extension longer?? and if I order do I order four legs?? or is an order one leg??

    Thanks for reaching out! These extension legs are 13" in length making them longer than the preexisting legs and add 6" to your shower bench. Each order comes with two shower legs. If you're wanting to order four in total, you'll want to have a total of two in your cart.