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      Daily Independent Living Aids

      Living independently from home is one of the top priorities for seniors. Carex offers a variety of independent living aids to ensure daily living is not only doable but easy. Our senior living aids are perfect for those with arthritis, mobility issues, or just need some form of assistive devices. Carex daily independent living aids include doorknob grips, easy key turners, lamp switch turners, metal reachers, and more. These small yet convenient items offer a large source of independence with day-to-day tasks keeping them in their own home an out of assisted living communities.
      Carex Upeasy Power Seat On Sale
      $109.08 $74.99
      Apex Temple Pads
      Apex Open Aid
      Carex Sock Aid
      Carex Shoe Horn
      Apex Safety Treads Apex Safety Treads
      Apex Doorknob Grip Apex Doorknob Grip
      Apex Easy Key Turner Apex Easy Key Turner
      Apex Easy Opener Apex Easy Opener
      Carex Commode Assist