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The 2021 Ultimate Guide to Bright Light Therapy

During the winter, the days get shorter, and our contact with the sun becomes even more limited. Many of us leave for work just as the sun is rising and don’t return home until after it has set, not getting any sunlight at all. While the amount of sunlight we need varies widely depending on our skin tone, age, and other factors, this lack of exposure can inhibit the healthy production of essential hormones. This could disrupt our sleep schedules and contribute to conditions like insomnia, depression, and seasonal affective disorder. 
Bright light therapy lamps, also known as sad lamps or happy lights, provide an artificial alternative to natural light that can help solve this common problem.

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The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Affective Disorder

The 2021 Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), also known as seasonal depression, is a variation of depression that begins and ends around the same time each year. SAD typically occurs during fall/winter months but less commonly occurs in the spring and summer. To be medically diagnosed, you must consistently experience depressive episodes around the same months for at least two years. 

If you consistently feel a surge of sadness, lack of energy, or thoughts of hopelessness during a specific time of the year, you may have seasonal affective disorder. This guide will walk you through what SAD is, the symptoms, how to cope with it, and more. 

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