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      Osteoporosis Treatment and Prevention Products

      Osteoporosis is a painful condition that results in bone mass and density being reduced. This increases the risk of fractures and broken bones while reducing bone health. Carex offers a natural treatment for osteoporosis in the form of weight support equipment ranging from canes, walkers, to seat lifts. In bone density treatment, it is highly recommended to perform weight-bearing exercises to prevent osteoporosis. Our products empower those that may struggle with mobility and help them regain a long term healthy lifestyle while preventing further bone loss.
      Carex Rolling Walker Carex Rolling Walker
      Carex Uplift Cane Carex Uplift Cane
      Carex Raised Toilet Seat On Sale
      $23.99 $14.99
      Carex EZ Swivel Stool
      Carex Deluxe Bath Mat
      Carex Commode Assist
      Carex Bedside Rail
      Carex Easy-Up Bed Rail