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      Muscle Weakness and Fatigue Treatment Products

      For those suffering from muscle weakness and fatigue, Carex offers a wide array of products to meet many individual needs. Use our bath safety items to assist in sit-to-stand movements, maintain balance, and reduce falls in the bathroom. Mobility aids such as walking canes, wheelchairs, and rollators will help keep you independent and comfortable when on the move. Carex's versatile offering is sure to have a device to make living with muscle weakness and fatigue more comfortable and improve patient outcomes.
      Carex Rolling Walker Carex Rolling Walker
      Carex Uplift Cane Carex Uplift Cane
      Carex EZ Swivel Stool
      Carex Swivel Stool
      Carex Raised Toilet Seat On Sale
      $23.99 $14.99
      Carex Commode Assist
      Carex Folding Walker
      Carex Uplift Walker