Earn Up to 10% of Each Sale by Driving Traffic to Carex.com

Carex Health Brands has been a household name in health and wellness products for over 35 years. Our wide range of health and wellness products alongside our reputable brands has made us a go-to for anyone seeking in-home, self-care medical products. And we're proud to invite you to be a part of it all!

By joining the CHB affiliate program, you'll be able to earn 8% base commission by driving traffic to our website. You unlock the power of the CHB brand and are able to tap into special sales and new products that we have to offer.

How it Works

  • Sign Up: Join our program by creating an account through ShareASale (you also unlock other affiliate programs through them).
  • Once approved, you'll gain access to our library of product photos, promotional banners, and a custom storefront that you can drive traffic to.
  • When someone makes a purchase on Carex.com after clicking your link, you get a commission of the total sale.
  • CHB tracks all sales made through you and sends you a payment after each sale. No need to worry about any of the heavy lifting, we handle it all!
  • You'll get emails with special promotions and new products to promote through your sales channels as an affiliate. 
  • Earn a base commission of 8% on each Carex.com purchase.
  • Be a part of a well-recognized and respected brand.
  • Get early access to special promotions and new products.
  • Help people live better lives with supporting health and wellness products!

Affiliate Perks


Start growing and earning fast with our new affiliate initiative. Earn 16% of each sale for your first 30 days of being a Carex affiliate.

Monthly Commission Bonuses on Select Products

Enjoy added commissions each month based on select products. We add a minimum of 1% commission boost each month. 

Free Product Samples

There's nothing like holding the physical product to test out its features. Eligible affiliates are able to receive product samples for in depth reviews, highlights, and more. 

Dedicated Affiliate Support and Updates

Don't go at it alone. We work closely with each affiliate to provide the needed support for success. We send out monthly emails with news, product updates, and promotion announcements. Our product catalog is updated each month alongside our growing list of deals and discounts. 

Receive Your Own Discount Code

Send your custom discount to your audience and build brand awareness and trust. Each affiliate is given their own custom discount code to aid in customer trust as well and reduce any hesitations to purchase.

No Attribution Expiration

Most affiliate programs have an attribution expiration after a certain amount of time. This means you may drive traffic to their website, but because the consumer doesn't convert in the attribution window, you don't receive commission. We removed our attribution expiration so you receive commission regardless of how long it takes for your audience to convert. 

Tier-Based Commissions and Monthly Bonuses

Start earning and growing with our tier-based commissions and monthly bonuses. Carex affiliates unlock our unique incentives with the ability to increase their commission rate as well as earn monthly bonuses for meeting monthly sales goals.

8% Starting Commission

Our 8% starting commission ranks above average for most affiliate programs. Our wide range of products and prices offers affiliates to grow their earnings with upsells, cross-sells, and product bundles. For example, someone looking for a TENS unit will need TENS unit pads and may be interested in other products such as hot/cold therapy, braces, and more.

9% Commission at $2,500+ in Sales

Once affiliates generate over $2,500 in sales, they unlock an increased 9% commission rate for the lifetime of their affiliate membership.

10% Commission at $5,000+ in Sales

Once affiliates generate over $5,000 in sales, they unlock an increased 10% commission rate for the lifetime of their affiliate membership.

$100 Bonus for $1,000 in Sales in a Month

Affiliates that generate $1,000 in one month receive a $100 bonus.

$250 Bonus for $2,500 in Sales in a Month

Affiliates that generate $2,500 in one month receive a $250 bonus.

$500 Bonus for $5,000 in Sales in a Month

Affiliates that generate $5,000 in one month receive a $500 bonus.

Why Work with us?

Since 1975, Carex has been a household brand, known for creating high-quality products designed to enhance, improve, and empower our customers. We offer over 600 products ranging from mobility aids, bath safety equipment, pain relief devices, light therapy lamps, and daily living aids. Our well-established reputation—combined with our wide collection and pricing discounts—makes us a go-to in the health and wellness space.

Since 1975, we've been a trusted leader in the health/wellness industry.
Free shipping on orders $50 or more.
All of our products are covered by our warranty with a 90 day return policy. If you're not happy, we'll make it right.
Need help? Contact our customer support team for help.
Our collection of over 600 products means you get better pricing, specials, and price breaks when bundling.

Our brands


The Carex brands provides a full line of Home Health Care, Mobility, Bath Safety and Personal Care products that improve quality of life.

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Using TENS and EMS therapy, AccuRelief™ products block pain signals with soothing, electrical pulses, providing you with immediate relief.

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Bed Buddy

Bed Buddy® Hot & Cold products are a convenient and flexible solution for pain relief to help you maintain an active lifestyle.

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Thera-Med Hot & Cold products use either flexible clay or gel materials to deliver deep penetrating hot & cold therapy to deeply penetrate treatment areas for a variety of applications.

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Apex® offers Medication Compliance and Health Aid Solutions with high-quality materials, and easy-to-use product designs.

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ProBasics is a premier home medical equipment brand built to be durable. ProBasics is known for its exceptional value.

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Roscoe Medical

The Roscoe brand meets the highest standards for quality, giving you the peace of mind that the products will perform as expected, minimizing unnecessary maintenance and service calls.

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Meridian Medical

Meridian is a leading brand of gel overlays, seating/positioning cushions, therapeutic support surfaces, lymphedema systems, and respiratory products.

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StrengthTape is a premier kinesiology tape brand that relieves pain due to injuries and is used by many to support muscles, tendons, and ligaments during sports activities or rigorous activities.

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tens 7000

The TENS 7000 has been purchased by over 1,000,000 consumers. Since 2008, the TENS 7000 has been conquering pain relief for those with back problems, neck problems, or just plain muscle aches.

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