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      Home Care Medical Products and Equipment

      Carex home health care equipment allows for more freedom and independence with daily living. Carex offers a range of high-quality medical supplies. Our varied assortment includes enabling products such as pillows and cushions, first aid items, in-home care products, light therapy, bed rails and overbed tables. Our senior, handicapped, and elderly care products offer physical support, hygiene care, exercise and fitness aids, and more.
      Carex Overbed Table Carex Overbed Table
      Carex Sitz Bath
      Carex Female Urinal Carex Female Urinal
      Carex Male Urinal
      Carex Upeasy Power Seat On Sale
      $109.08 $74.99
      Carex Cervical Pillow
      Carex Swivel Cushion
      Carex Cervical Pillow
      Carex Seat Cushion
      Carex Bedside Rail
      Carex Easy-Up Bed Rail
      Carex Pedal Exerciser
      Carex Sock Aid
      Carex Shoe Horn