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  • When are they going to be IN STOCK?

    Thanks for reaching out! Like most companies, we are experiencing delayed shipments because of the ongoing shipping container shortage. We are expecting these to be back in stock in late June or early July. We appreciate your patience!

  • Do these come in pairs ? Or do you have to order two ?

    Yes, this pack comes with two glides.

  • I have expensive wooden floors. Can I be sure the Carex walker auto glides will not damage my wooden floors?

    Yes! Our walker glides have been tested and designed to be used on various floor types including wood.

  • It's now Oct. 2022. When will they be in stock again? What other sources can I buy them from?

    So sorry for the delay in restocking these! We have a shipment on its way that is set to arrive in our warehouse by 11/6. We hope to have these in stock by the following week.