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Pain can significantly hinder your life, hold you back from your goals and ambitions, and even impact your mental health. Sub Zero pain relief cream provides fast, long-lasting relief from minor aches and pains from exercise, daily activities, or everyday stresses. The pain cream can be used as back pain cream, arthritis pain relief cream, inflammation cream, joint pain cream, and more. It works excellent on various types of aches, pains, and conditions. Our pain ointment contains no artificial coloring, 3.9% Menthol for a cooling effect, and a unique blend of herbs, including Ilex, Boswellia, and Uncaria Tomentosa. The arthritis cream is available in a roll-on pain-relieving gel, 5g travel packs, 3-oz pain relief, 16 oz tube, 1 gallon, and a 4-oz tube.