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reVive Light Therapy® Essentials— Light Therapy for Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-Aging
reVive Light Therapy® Essentials— Light Therapy for Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-Aging
reVive Light Therapy® Essentials— Light Therapy for Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-Aging
reVive Light Therapy® Essentials— Light Therapy for Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-Aging
reVive Light Therapy® Essentials— Light Therapy for Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-Aging
reVive Light Therapy® Essentials— Light Therapy for Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-Aging
reVive Light Therapy® Essentials— Light Therapy for Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-Aging

reVive Light Therapy® Essentials— Light Therapy for Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-Aging

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The reVive Light Therapy® Essentials offers a clinically proven way to enhance the look and feel of skin. This anti-aging skin care device uses a combination of red, amber, and infrared light therapy for the skin to minimize smile lines, crow's feet, and brow lines. With just a few minutes of consistent use each day, you'll see an enhanced skin tone, luminosity, and texture. This compact wrinkle remover offers an easy and portable method for staying on top of your anti-aging skin care routine.

  • FDA-cleared, OTC Class II medical device. Our LED light for wrinkles has gone through testing to prove it's effective and safe. This red LED light for face has been designed to be FDA-cleared so it has the level of control required.
  • Designed for all skin types. Our red light therapy for skin device offers an effective solution for fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tones, sun damage, loss of firmness or elasticity, reducing redness/inflammation/swelling, and skin dullness.
  • Compact for wrinkle treatment anywhere. Reduce wrinkles while on the go with the portal LED light for skin. Its small size makes it the perfect anti aging product for travelers, to keep in your purse or car, or for anyone new to red light for skin.
  • Delivers a clinically proven combination of infra-red light. Our LED light therapy machine uses a powerful combination of red, amber, and infrared light for skin to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. Red light for wrinkles works on the surface of the skin while infrared light treatment penetrates deep to promote cell regeneration and healing.
  • Stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin. Elastin and collagen are two proteins vital to warding off wrinkles and fine lines. As we age, we produce fewer of these proteins. LED light skin therapy uses red and infrared to promote faster cellular regeneration. Thus, reducing wrinkles around the eyes or any other target area.
  • Increases blood circulation for enhanced oxygen and nutrients in the skin. The reVive anti-aging light boosts cellular energy and regeneration for a healthier flow of blood to the skin. LED light facials aid in faster skin recovery and help remove any signs of aging.
  • Minimizes skin damage from the sun, cuts, and scrapes. Anti aging light therapy penetrates deep into the skin to speed up recovery from sun damage and other injuries. Increased cell energy and regeneration from red light treatment mean the skin is better equipped to heal quicker and more effectively. 
  • Includes everything needed for LED skin therapy. Our red light facial kit comes with the reVive Light Therapy® Essentials Anti-Aging Device, a 6 Month Warranty, and Instruction Manual.
  • Protected under a six-month warranty. Having doubts? Our red light therapy machine comes equipped with a six-month warranty. Should the LED light for skin care not perform as advertised, we'll make it right.

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reVive Light Therapy

A Trusted, Leading Brand in Light Therapy for Skincare

reVive light therapy® is the #1 manufacturer for FDA-cleared acne treatment, anti-aging, pain relief, oral care, and home hygiene light therapy products. reVive's products replicate specific UV-free light spectrums emitted by the sun. These light spectrums naturally drive your body's response to cellular repair & regeneration, production of collagen & elastins in addition to the elimination of acne-causing bacteria. reVive products are supported by exclusive "dpl technology", enabling them to penetrate deep into body tissues for effective results. They're based off NASA scientific research, medically approved and FDA cleared for safety and efficiency.

One of Our Most Compact Red Light Therapy Products

Get light treatment for your skin anywhere and on any part of your body. Its portable design makes it the perfect UV light for your face, neck, hands, and any other area needing treatment. Its compact weight and size make it easy to store in your bag, car, and more.

reVive handheld red light therapy device
reVive UV light for anti aging

Triangular Head Makes it Easy to Treat all the Contours of Your Face

We've designed this device with a unique triangular head to reduce wrinkles under the eyes easier. The shape and compact size allow for easy UV red light therapy on all body parts. Its distinct design makes LED therapy for wrinkles easier and less strenuous for those awkward to target areas.

FDA Approved Red Light Therapy for Anti Aging

reVive light therapy wrinkle reduction products are tested and proven to be safe and effective with minimal side effects. It's rated as an OTC Class II medical device. Thus, proving it has the level of control to reduce eye wrinkles safely and effectively. 

reVive Essentials Winkle treatment

Auto-Shut Off Timer Based on Recommended Treatment Time

When it comes to traditional skin care products, over usage can cause irritated skin and damaged skin. Blue and red light therapy for the face can be used as often as needed. Light therapy treatment is known for producing few side effects. Infrared light therapy for your face is encouraged to be used multiple times per day. That means you can treat acne breakouts numerous times without having to worry about damaging your skin.

Two Options of Power-Supply

Get light treatment for wrinkles powered by thee AA batteries or a USB. Get LED light therapy for wrinkles whenever and wherever needed.

Considered to be the Best Light Therapy for Wrinkles

Pop Sugar

“Typically you have to see a dermatologist or splurge on an expensive device to experience the antiaging power of infrared beams. The technology minimizes wrinkles and smooths out discoloration.”—Jessica Cruel


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