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Brenda Moneymaker (Charlottesville, US)

I wouldn't buy any other brand after purchasing this one.This is my second one & I had bought other brands before I bought this one & no good.

Alfred Cressler (Carlisle, US)

Sometimes the claw sticks tight.

Teresa Smith (Indianapolis, US)
Doesn't last!

Best grabber out there BUT doesn't last over 3 months at the most. The wire inside that makes it pickup snaps. I've used these for at least 10 years but my budget is not what it used to be.

Hey Teresa,

Thank you for your review of our reacher grabber. We're so glad to hear that it's the best one out there! However, we're sorry to hear that you've experienced issues with the wire inside snapping after a few months of use. We understand how frustrating this can be, and we apologize for any inconvenience it has caused.

We want to assure you that we take the quality and durability of our products very seriously, and we appreciate your feedback. If you could please contact us at customer.service@carex.com or by phone at 800-526-8051, we'd be happy to learn more about your issue. We truly value your loyalty as a customer, and we want to ensure that you're completely satisfied with your purchase.


This Carex Ultra Grabber was the best reacher/grabber I ever had. It was not perfect, but was by far the best at picking up heavier objects such as a bowl of water. The locking mechanism did not work well so I never used it. Never thought to try the rotating function. Lasted longer than many reachers I have tried. One drawback was when new, the screw holding the little black grabber cups at the end would come loose and almost fall off. Had to tighten by hand. After about two months the screw stayed tight and I no longer had to do this. So, not perfect by any means, but for the essential functions it worked very well. Trying to find more of this model to buy.

Poor product buyer beware

I recently purchased s second Carex grabber because it was the only model available to me at the time. I don't do online purchasing. This was my second carex grabber. The first one lasted about 9 months. The second one didn't even last three months. This grabber has a metal wire strung inside a PLASTIC housing that is notched. The wear and tear on the plastic with the metal wire causes wear and the plastic smoothness soon turns into a rough surface that causes the grabber to stick wither in the open or closed position. I had to use a screwdriver to realign the wire every time I wanted to used it. Even this method quickly became unusable.
I have only used the second one to flip a light switch up and down once a day, for three months. Already it has jammed and no matter what I do it will not go back to its original position!
Please save your money and buy a better quality one. At least keep receipts for returns. Hopefully, I can return mine when I get the chance but not hopeful!