PAINCAKES® Reusable Cold Packs for Pain Relief

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Ditch those traditional body cold packs for something that sticks.

Introducing PAINCAKES®, the first wearable cold pack that sticks and stays where you need it to, without using straps.

After undergoing over 1,000 prototypes, PAINCAKES® body cold packs have been designed and tested by athletes to ensure effectiveness, reusability, and stickiness. These flexible cold packs can be used anywhere to treat various injuries and conditions, relieving pain, soreness, and inflammation.

Our sports cold packs help you recover without being stuck in one place. They are convenient to use and can be reused. All you need to do is replace the cover and return it to the freezer afterward. The gel inside the pack remains flexible even when frozen and can conform to the target area for better pain relief. This feature allows for a closer treatment of the affected area.

Our refreezable cold packs utilize our proprietary "stick and stay" technology, allowing them to be reused up to 100 times. These cost-effective cold packs are approved by the FSA.