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  • Do the wheels lock?

    Yes, the wheels lock to keep the table in place.

  • Can the support bar for the table can be installed on either side of the base? My husband will use this as a TV tray and desk while in his recliner and there is only access from his left side so I would want the table to be installed so the support bar is on the left side of the "U" of the base.

    Yes, you are able to install the support bar on either side. The unused side gets capped.

  • How tall is the base? I am not sure if it will fit under my fathers chair.

    The base is 4.3" tall.

  • How does the table LOCK in selected height? Seems it can be pulled up w/o pressing handle. Thx

    This overbed table locks in place after releasing the handle on the side. It will not budge unless that handle is pressed in.

  • what are the dimensions of the tray?

    The tray's dimensions are 16" x 33" and it holds up to 50 pounds.

  • Hi, Question about your overbed table, FGP56700 0000: How wide and deep is the space created by the table's C-shaped base? I'm trying to find a product that will accommodate my friend's power wheelchair. Thanks

    Great question! The inside of the base is 26" wide and 15" deep.

  • do the wheels on this model have brakes?

    Yes, the wheels lock in place to prevent it from moving.

  • Do you have an pull out under the table holder attachment for a keyboard and mouse for this model? Side Note: I have 3 of this. I have owned them for 4 years now. My family use them daily for computer work while in bed or in a chair. They are great! :-)

    Hey Jesse, unfortunately, we do not offer this accessory. However, we will keep this in mind for future models!

  • Hello, Can you please provide me with the inner dimensions of the c-base of your overbed table? I need to ensure my mother's power lift recliner will fit in between the c-base. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Caroline

    The inner dimensions of the C-base are 20” x 33”