reVive Light Therapy® Spot— Light Therapy for Acne Treatment - Carex Health Brands
reVive Light Therapy® Spot— Light Therapy for Acne Treatment - Carex Health Brands
reVive Light Therapy® Spot— Light Therapy for Acne Treatment - Carex Health Brands
reVive Light Therapy® Spot— Light Therapy for Acne Treatment - Carex Health Brands
reVive Light Therapy® Spot— Light Therapy for Acne Treatment - Carex Health Brands

reVive Light Therapy® Spot— Light Therapy for Acne Treatment

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Named Best Acne Light Therapy Device by TeenVogue

The reVive Light Therapy® Spot is the perfect introductory device for those new to light therapy for skin. The Spot acne light therapy device is FDA-Cleared and designed to be gentle and non-invasive when treating acne flare-ups and preventing breakouts. It uses both red and blue light for acne. Blue light treatment reduces acne bacteria, while red LED light therapy soothes and reduces inflammation. The Spot features a compact size, making it great for on-the-go use. This blue and red light therapy device is both battery-operated and USB-powered. Its auto-shut-off feature saves battery life. Unlike traditional skincare routines, the LED light for skin can be used multiple times per day for accelerated results.

  • An FDA-cleared, OTC Class II medical device. Our red and blue light for face has gone through the testing and qualifications to be FDA-cleared. This blue light face treatment device is safe to use for all skin types and has been proven effective in reducing acne.
  • Uses Medical-grade blue LED lights to reach deep and eliminate bacteria. Blue light therapy effectively penetrates deep into oil glands to destroy acne-causing bacteria, minimize acne symptoms, and reduce oil production.
  • Red LEDs enhance skin health and reduce swelling. Red light therapy for skin helps reduce swelling, pain and promotes healing. Infrared light is deep penetrating to energize cells and spark elastin and collagen production. This results in healthier and younger-looking skin.
  • Aids in preventing future acne flare-ups and scarring. Blue LED light therapy is an optimal solution for long-term acne treatment. Using blue light skin treatment daily minimizes oil gland production and reduces acne-causing bacteria. Thus, minimizing flare-ups.
  • Small size is perfect for on-the-go use. Get blue and red light therapy for acne anytime, anywhere. The Spot's compact size makes it the ideal device for light treatment for skin anywhere it's needed. Carry it with you in your bag for skin emergencies.
  • Can be used as often as needed. Unlike traditional skin care routines, LED light therapy for acne can be used as often as needed. UV light for acne is safe and won't irritate the skin, regardless of type.
  • Features two power source options. The Spot gives you the option to connect to a USB power source or via 3 AAA batteries. Use blue and red light therapy at home, in the office, or anywhere in between.
  • Includes a six-month warranty. Our and blue light acne treatment device consists of a six-month warranty. If it doesn't perform as advertised, we'll make it right.

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reVive Light Therapy

A Trusted, Leading Brand in Light Therapy for Skincare

reVive light therapy® is the #1 manufacturer for FDA-cleared acne treatment, anti-aging, pain relief, oral care, and home hygiene light therapy products. reVive's products replicate specific UV-free light spectrums emitted by the sun. These light spectrums naturally drive your body's response to cellular repair & regeneration, production of collagen & elastins in addition to the elimination of acne-causing bacteria. reVive products are supported by exclusive "dpl technology", enabling them to penetrate deep into body tissues for effective results. They're based off NASA scientific research, medically approved and FDA cleared for safety and efficiency.

Portable Light Treatment for Acne

Emergency acne breakout? No problem. Get red and blue light therapy for acne anytime, anywhere. With dimensions of 3" x 5.98" x 3.92" and a minuscule .5 lbs., the Spot is the perfect LED light for acne emergencies. Place it in your bag, car, or desk as a backup.

A woman using the reVive Light Therapy® Spot over her fact on a grey background
The reVive Light Therapy® Spot on a white background

Combines Blue and Red Lights for Skin Treatment

The Spot encompasses both blue, red, and infrared light benefits. Blue lights penetrate deep into the skin to minimize oil glands and destroy acne-causing bacteria. This aids in reducing acne symptoms slows oil production and lowers the chances of future breakouts. Near/Infrared/Red light for acne helps reduce swelling in the skin while enhancing the healing process. Infrared light for skin energizes cells to create more elastin and collagen. This improves skin health and makes it appear younger-looking.

FDA Approved LED Light Therapy

ReVive light therapy machines are tested and FDA approved for safety and effectiveness. The Spot blue and red light for acne device is registered as an OTC Class II medical device. This proves that this blue and red light device has the degree of control needed to ensure safety and effectiveness.

FDA, Cleared
The reVive Light Therapy® Spot packaging on a white background : Further details are provided below

Use as Often as Needed for Faster REsults

Unlike traditional skincare products and routines, blue and red light therapy for the face can be used as often as needed. Light therapy treatment is safe, effective and is known for producing very few side effects. Infrared light therapy for your face is best when used multiple times throughout the day.

Considered to be One of the best acne light therapy devices by Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue

"The blue light of this device targets and kills the bacteria that causes acne. It also calms redness and inflammation, so even if your pimple doesn't disappear on the spot (no pun intended), it'll look a little less obvious. Bonus: You can charge it with a regular outlet, a USB, or batteries, so you'll never be stuck without it."


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