Six New Year's Resolutions for Everyday


At the stroke of midnight on any given New Year's Eve, much of the world is contemplating resolutions to make life better. Some have made it their 2020 mission to make personal changes for their health. Others decided this is their year to take a dream vacation, change jobs, or start a family. By now, most will have given up on their resolutions.

How much easier would it be if resolutions were realistic, achievable, or affected positive change in your life every day of the year? Maybe this is finally the year you lose those stubborn 20 pounds, make it to that dream vacation spot, or get your family set for the future with term life insurance.

It can be done, and it's as easy as recognizing that what you are doing now isn't working. If it weren't, you wouldn't be making resolutions to change it. Here are six resolutions that are sure to help make the coming years amazing.

Make yourself a priority

1. Make Yourself a Priority

It is time to invest in yourself. This doesn't mean spending a ton of money on self-improvement hacks, but spending time doing the things you love. It means giving yourself permission to rest when you need it and to have fun and blow off steam when an opportunity arises.  

Personal savings

2. Take Care of Business

Now is the time to organize your life and make sure you have your ducks in a row. Use goal setting to look at things such as insurance policies, home maintenance, updating yearly subscriptions, and shopping for money-saving changes to things like your cell phone plan and cable bill. Make a financial plan and an annual budget.

Look for ways to save money. Start a savings account or a college fund for your children. Plan family adventures and begin saving for your vacation. These suggestions will guide you throughout the year. 

Healthier lifestyle

3. Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle

that last only until the food cravings get the best of them. Adopting a healthy lifestyle should involve a holistic approach to overall good health. Diets are made to be broken, but a lifestyle change is more set in stone.

Physical health is essential. It is impacted by so many things, including your mental health and spiritual health. So when looking at healthier lifestyle options, consider all three aspects.

Put in the work to make sure your mental health isn't draining you physically and spiritually. Become more active physically, which can also benefit your mental and spiritual health. Practice your spirituality, whatever it looks like. When your spiritual health is a priority, there is less room for poor physical or mental health.

Don't make the mistake of signing a contract on an expensive gym membership that you will only use once. Fitness can be as simple as getting off the couch and moving around.

Get involved in the community, give back to others, and live your dreams. Smile more, eat healthier, and love stronger. Do this every day of the year.

Social media

4. Say No to Social Media

No one dies wishing they could take their social media accounts with them. So put those phones and tablets down. Spend more time with the family under your roof and interacting with them daily. Your news feed on social media isn't that important in the grand scheme of everyday life.

Besides, we all know social media addiction is real, so let's fight it while we still can.

Limit your trolling and scrolling on social media to a specific amount of time each week. If you use social media for marketing and business, you can limit the amount of time you dedicate to getting caught up in the latest posting trends. Cut down the amount of time you spend reading memes and being nosey.

For the love of all things, please do not regard strange acquaintances as friendships or relationships that should be nurtured only through commenting on their page. If the relationship isn't significant enough to nurture face-to-face, then it isn't important enough to take time away from those whose relationship is.

Love yourself

5. Stay Focused on Yourself

If we spend less time worrying about the Joneses and more time focused on our own business, there would be a lot less worry. Quit sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. It doesn't matter what your neighbors are doing if it doesn't involve you. Make it a priority this year to stay in your lane.

Focus on your health, happiness, and financial security. Do not let fear run your heart, your thoughts, or your actions. Make a conscious effort every day to be mindful and in the moment. Do not let that negative internal self-talk let fear take over.

Mindfulness is a fantastic tool to employ when feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed. Try putting negativity in its place. Please get rid of it; you don't need it. Focus on your truth; your right now. Be joyful in all of life's blessings, and never let anyone steal your joy. 

Be kind to others

6. Be Kind to Others

I'm sure you have heard the saying: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." It's a great principle to live by and cuts out a lot of the daily drama in life. Try to build up your friends and family with praise and compliments. Choose to recognize the positive rather than drawing attention to the negative.

Understand that your opinion may not be asked for or appreciated in all situations. It is okay to say nothing at all sometimes. When offering suggestions and advice, do so to be motivational.

Choose to make the coming years the best yet. Adopt a healthy lifestyle (even if it's something as simple as drinking more water) and demonstrate compassion, empathy, and respect to those who cross your path.

Choose to put you and your family first, following what is best. Finally, resolve to not fall for fad diets and exercise routines, but to get up and get active. 

About the Author

Robyn Flint writes for the life insurance comparison site, and has an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Her experience in the field of mental health includes counseling children and families through outpatient counseling, program management, clinical supervision, and therapeutic foster care. Robyn is also a freelance writer and published author.

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