Carex Bathtub Rail With Chrome Finish - Carex Health Brands
Carex Bathtub Rail With Chrome Finish - Carex Health Brands
Carex Bathtub Rail With Chrome Finish - Carex Health Brands
Carex Bathtub Rail With Chrome Finish - Carex Health Brands
Carex Bathtub Rail With Chrome Finish - Carex Health Brands
Carex Bathtub Rail With Chrome Finish - Carex Health Brands
Carex Bathtub Rail With Chrome Finish - Carex Health Brands
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Carex Bathtub Rail With Chrome Finish

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Prevent slips and falls with the Carex Bathtub Rail. The bathtub bar features an attractive chrome finished to inhibit rust. It features a subtle height and reliable grip for bathing support that won't get in the way. The gripping area has a textured finish for added grip. The bathroom safety rail fits most bathtubs.

  • Fits most bathtubs. The bathtub safety handle features an adjustable mount to securely fit most standard tubs.
  • Rust-resistant. The tub safety rail has a chrome finish to keep rust from forming. Users can use it daily and it will withstand even the wettest bathroom.
  • Offers a single level surface to grip. The bath assist device has a single level gripping surface to offer convenience and support.
  • Easy and adjustable mounting for an accurate fit. Steel spring clamps provide an adjustable grip for a tight fit. Installing the handicap bathtub rail is quick, painless, and easy.
  • Won't scratch your tub. The bathtub handicap bar features protective rubber pads to keep it from damaging any tub.
  • Supports up to 200 lbs. Bathtub safety bars provide an excellent support surface for anyone weak in strength. The grab bar's large weight capacity makes it a reliable bathtub handle for elderly persons, disabled, or those weak in strength.

Why Carex?

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Stay Safe, Independent, and Comfortable in the Bathroom

Trust in Carex for all of your bathroom safety needs. Our wide selection, guaranteed product warranty, and 35+ year experience make us the trusted brand for anyone looking to improve the safety of their bathroom. Our mission and reason for being are to enable our customers to live healthier, more comfortable, and independent lives.

A Bathtub Rail for Elderly, Disabled, or those at Risk of Falls

Tub support handles can make a significant difference in the safety of the bathroom. Adding a level of support can help users step in and out of the tub while minimizing the chances of falls.

Carex Bathtub Rail attached to a bathtub. Showing textured grip, chrome finish, and 7.5 inches height
A woman using the Carex Bathtub Rail on a bathtub. Text, “Adjustable mount secures to most bathtubs”

Adjustable Mount Secures to Most Bathtubs

Our bathtub rail can continuously be adjusted for a tight fit in the desirable location. Installation requires no drilling and takes minutes. Protective rubber pads prevent your tub from being scratched.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Works on only one type of tub.

The product itself is a good sturdy product. But, what they do not tell you is that if your tub has a tapered side of any kind, this will not be able to be tightened enough to make it secure. For example: My tub at the faucet end starts at 7" wide and tapers down to 4", then immediately starts widening back up to 7" at the rear of the tub. There is no straight sides as shown in the picture. It States it is adjustable which it is, but where the problem comes in is that the bolt that tightens it to the sides is not long enough to get even 2 or 3 threads through to secure it to the tub when trying to tighten the bolt at the 5" or 6" area. Another problem is when you tighten the handle after affixing it to the sides of your tub, the elbow side of the handle bottom bracket that has no padding is what pushes down on the top of your tub.
After adding some foam for padding, and a longer bolt on one side, was able to make it secure enough to work until a better one I ordered arrives. I wish there was a way to add a photo..... I'm not sure about returns on this as the other poster mentioned. I had ordered through Amazon and after contacting them for a return/refund, they gave me my money back and said to keep the product and not ship it back.

does not work, will not accept return

This item requires a totally flat bathtub rim in order to work, even if your tub in within the parameters of width. When my husband figured this out, he called about returning it only to be told they do not accept bath items in return. Despite an email saying I had 90 days to return my purchase when I placed the order. Needless to say, will not be ordering my next tub grab bar from this company.

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