FSA & HSA Approved

HSA/FSA Reimbursement & Carex

Did you know almost all 600+ products on Carex.com qualify for reimbursement by FSA (flexible spending account) and HSA (health savings account) accounts? This page offers an in-depth explanation of how to get our products reimbursed, what's covered, frequently asked questions, and more. Shop our HSA/FSA products.

What is an FSA or HSA?

FSA (flexible spending account) and HSA (health savings account) are both health spending accounts which allow you to contribute a specific percentage of your salary/wages to cover medical expenses. The specific percentage is deposited into the account which is typically attached to a debit card for you to use. Eligible spending applies to a wide variety of medical equipment that you'd typically pay out of pocket for. If there's uncertainty surrounding if you have an HSA/FSA, it's best to check with your employer or insurance provider.

How to Get Your Carex.com Purchase Reimbursed

The process for reimbursement varies based on your provider. However, the steps listed below offer a brief outline for how it typically works.

  • Check our full list of products that qualify for FSA/HSA reimbursement and cross-check with your provider that they will reimburse your purchase. Most providers supply a list of categories and criteria for coverage.
  • Make your purchase as you typically would and be sure to save & print the receipt.
  • Submit your receipt to your provider for reimbursement.

If you have questions regarding purchasing our products for reimbursement, please contact our customer success team at (800)526-8051 or customer.service@carex.com.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use My HSA or FSA cARD ON caREX.COM?

Unfortunately, we do not currently accept HSA or FSA cards. However, you can be reimbursed by your provider by submitting your purchase receipt of FSA/HSA eligible items.

What Items Are HSA or FSA Eligible on Carex.com?

Most products we carry are eligible with a few exceptions. Most eligible items have a green check mark and "FSA/HSA Eligible" on their product page. You can also find a complete list of eligible products here.

Can I Review My Past Purchases to Submit for FSA/HSA Reimbursement?

Yes, any past purchase can be found in your account purchase history here. You can also find them in the email that was used upon purchase. If you're having trouble, contact our customer success team for assistance.

Are the Same Items for HSA Accounts Eligible for FSA Accounts?

Yes, all FSA eligible items are HSA eligible.

Do FSA Funds Expire?

Typically, yes. FSA funds placed in an account are eligible for use during a one-year period. After said period, unspent amounts go away. It's always best to contact your provider/employer for exact details. It's best to know your plan deadline to make sure your purchases are made in advance.

Do HSA Funds Expire?

Opposite of FSAs, HSA funds do not expire. Contact your provider/employer for more information.

Whose Healthcare Products can I Pay for?

While this answer varies, eligible expenses can be paid for the cardholder, their spouse, and their children/tax dependents. It's always best to check with your provider or employer to check for potential restrictions.

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