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Carex Foam Invalid Cushion
Carex Foam Invalid Cushion
Carex Foam Invalid Cushion
Carex Foam Invalid Cushion
Carex Foam Invalid Cushion
Carex Foam Invalid Cushion
Carex Foam Invalid Cushion
Carex Foam Invalid Cushion
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Carex Foam Invalid Cushion

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Relieve pressure and pain while adding comfort to any sitting surface with the Carex donut pillow. Our donut seat cushion provides long-lasting comfort by conforming to the user's natural body contours. The donut cushion's 2.75" thick memory foam relieves pressure while upgrading the comfort level of any chair or wheelchair. And not only is it comfortable, but it's also easy to clean. The tailbone pillow features a removable cover that's wrinkle-resistant and machine washable.

  • Memory foam contours to the body for comfort. Our butt donut utilizes 2.75" thick memory foam to contour to your body. The tailbone cushion's materials help relieve pressure to promote healing.
  • Keeps its original shape. Our donut pillow for tailbone has been designed specifically to keep its shape without losing comfort. Use our orthopedic seat cushion daily without worry of it wearing quickly.
  • Easy to clean with a removable cover. Caring for our cushion for tailbone pain is easy. The medical donut pillow has a removable cover that can be placed in the washer. No need to worry about hand washing the memory foam chair pad.
  • Wrinkle resistant. No need to worry about your donut hole pillow becoming wrinkled with use. The donut hole cushion is wrinkle-resistant so it not only stays comfortable but keeps its appearance.
  • Universal treatment for various conditions. Our tailbone seat cushion offers relief for various types of pain and can be used as a hemorrhoid pillow, sciatica seat cushion, postpartum donut pillow, after-surgery pillow, wheelchair cushion for tailbone pain, and more. 
  • The hidden center hole keeps it cool and breathable. Don't sit on a hot pillow. Our pillow for buttock pain has a hidden center hole to prevent it from trapping heat. The donut ring pillow offers pressure relief without becoming uncomfortable over time.
  • Compact size for easy travel. Don't let pain prevent you from traveling. Our cushion for tailbone pain relief has ample surface area without taking up too much room. Take the tailbone injury pillow with you anywhere it's needed. 

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Over 35 Years of Helping Others Conquer Their Pain and Sleep Better

Trust in Carex for your pain management and sleep needs. For 35+ years, we've helped people conquer their pain, keep their independence, and improve the quality of their life. Our pain relief and sleep products are battle-tested, customer-centric, and designed to improve the healing and sleep process. All of our products fall under our warranty and satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy, we'll make it right.

Relieve Pressure, Pain, and Discomfort with our Tailbone Relief Cushion

Tailbone pain can significantly impact your quality of life. Our tailbone support cushion features 2.75" thick memory foam to relieve pain, promote healing, and allow for a comfortable sitting experience. The seat cushion for buttock pain adds comfort and support to any sitting surface.

Tailbone relief cushion
Universal tailbone pillow

A Universal Sore Tailbone Pillow

Our comfy butt pillow is made to relieve tailbone pain of many types. Use it as a hemorrhoid donut, sciatica pillow for sitting, seat cushion for hip pain, and more. The orthopedic seat cushion for chairs has a universal shape and size for sitting surfaces of all types.

Hidden Hole Keeps the Pillow for Tailbone Pain Cool

Our breathable cushion features a hidden hole to prevent heat from being trapped. This allows the hemorrhoid cushion to be used continuously without reaching an uncomfortable temperature.

Pillow for tailbone pain
Donut pillow for tailbone pain

Removable Cover is Easy to Clean

A common complaint with donut pillows for tailbone pain is they are not easy to clean. Our hemorrhoid seat cushion features a machine washable removable cover for easy cleaning. No more worrying about a hard-to-clean medical seat cushion.

Sized to be a Portable Seat Cushion

Take our pressure relief seat cushion anywhere it's needed. Its 2.75" x 12.5" x 16" size provides ample space while being easy to travel with. Our seat cushion for hip and tailbone pain is made to empower you to keep your quality of life while relieving discomfort.

Pressure relief seat cushion


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