Carex Knee Walker - Carex Health Brands
Carex Knee Walker - Carex Health Brands
Carex Knee Walker - Carex Health Brands
Carex Knee Walker - Carex Health Brands
Carex Knee Walker - Carex Health Brands
Carex Knee Walker - Carex Health Brands
Carex Knee Walker - Carex Health Brands
Carex Knee Walker - Carex Health Brands
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Carex Knee Walker

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The Carex Knee Scooter offers mobility for those suffering from lower leg injuries and ailments. The Rolling Knee Walker can be quickly broken down for transportation and storage. The handlebars and seating area are height-adjustable, and the high-quality padded seat and solid supporting frame are made for long-term use.

  • Offers assistance and mobility for those with lower leg injuries. The Carex knee roller scooter is a perfect scooter for a broken foot or anyone coming out of surgery. The crutch scooter allows users to stay mobile without putting weight on their injuries.
  • Knock-down steering wheel for easy storage. The medical knee scooter can easily be stored via the knock-down steering wheel. It's perfect for storing in tight spaces.
  • Height adjustable knee pad and handles. Having the proper height is essential. The knee walker scooter features a height-adjustable knee pad from 16" to 22.5". The handles can be adjusted from 31.75" to 40".
  • A more stable and comfortable crutch alternative. Crutches can be uncomfortable and unstable. The Carex broken leg scooter is the perfect alternative. It's comfortable to use and dependable.
  • Large 7.5" rubber wheels with a tight turning radius. The all-terrain knee scooter's large wheels allow it to roll smoothly on all surfaces. Its high turn radius makes it easy to navigate tight areas such as hallways.
  • Features a hand brake for safety. Have full control of the mobility knee scooter with the hand brake. It enables users to stop easily and stay safe.
  • Holds up to 250 lbs. The heavy-duty knee scooter features a durable aluminum frame. It's been built to last to provide dependable mobility assistance.
  • Padded seat for comfort. The all-terrain knee walker's seat has extra padding for a comfortable ride. Users will remain comfortable all day without feeling sore or unstable.

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Why Carex?

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For over 35 years, we've been the leader in mobility aids, including Knee Scooters. Our wide selection, satisfaction guarantee, and product warranty mean you're well covered with your mobility aid purchase. All of our products are designed to improve, enable, and keep our customers independent. If you're not happy, we'll make it right.

A Knee Wheelchair to Keep You Active and Able

Our knee crutch offers a convenient and easy method of staying mobile compared to traditional crutches. The knee walker crutch features a comfortable padded seat, large 7.5" wheels, and a hand brake for easy stopping.

A man outside with a foot cast using the Carex knee walker
The Carex knee walker on a white background. Text, Height adjustable handle bars and seat.

Height Adjustable Handles and Seat

Our knee scooter for broken legs has all the needed features built in for a comfortable and effortless glide. The leg wheel scooter has a comfortable pad, brakes, and a convenient basket for carrying items. Stay on the go with our leg cast scooter.

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