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Empower your independence with the perfect rollator to get you around.

Are you looking for a mobility aid that provides walking support and stability?

Our collection of rolling walkers, also known as 4 wheel walkers, offers a range of choices to meet your needs and preferences. With features like lightweight aluminum construction, compact folding for storage, seats for resting, baskets for carrying essentials, and brakes for added safety, our collection has something for everyone.

Imagine taking a break whenever you need it, with the comfort of a seat and the convenience of a basket to carry your belongings. Or, imagine the peace of mind that comes with a heavy-duty rolling walker, designed to support a higher weight capacity and provide added stability. Whatever your needs, our collection has a rolling walker to help you accomplish your goals.

Browse our collection of rolling walkers today and find the perfect mobility aid for you. With options like four-wheeled walkers, lightweight rollators, and foldable walkers, you're sure to find a suitable fit for your lifestyle. Don't wait – start enjoying the support and stability you deserve today!

Walking with Confidence: Customer Testimonials on Our Rollators

They have the very best customer service, all companies in the US need Carex to teach them how to take care of there customer’s, and my Mom loves her Junior rollator, it goes through very small door openings. Thanks for caring!

A woman walking on a sidewalk outside while using the Care Rolling Walker

Tim Dukes

Carex Junior Rollator

It's just what I needed. Sturdy and well built. Assembly was easy and took about 10 minutes. I had stomach surgery that ruined my stomach/diaphragm muscles and my ability to walk standing straight was shot. The unequal weight distribution made me short of breath. The Rollator works perfectly. I'm able to support the weight with my hands holding the handles. I did not even need to sit down, but good knowing I could. It's great to have my mobility restored, along with my freedom.

A woman sitting outside on the Carex Step ‘N Rest Rollator while reading a book


Carex Step 'N Rest Rolling Walker

This is a great product at a great price. We have a very similar one made by another manufacturer that is steel (heavier) and with slightly larger wheels. This one is lighter and much easier to load into our car. It was a snap to assemble and the price -- so reasonable. Heartilly recommended.

A caregiver on a sidewalk pushing an elderly woman sitting on the ProBasics Transport Rollator


ProBasics Aluminum Transport Rollator


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