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  • Has anyone used this at a movie theater?

    I have carried to theaters = it does raise me up a bit so I try to sit in the back in the slanted theaters.

  • Is there a way to keep this closed when you want to carry it around?

    Yes, first you have to release the spring/hydraulic tension. There is a strap at the back that you wrap around the built-in handle and snap.

  • Can it be used in a car?

    Not really and DEFINITELY NOT FOR THE DRIVER. It's portable, so you could theoretically use it for a passenger in the car, but I think the typical car seat is too springy for the lift to be of much use. The lift is basically a spring, so the downward force is equal to the upward force. You might be able to adjust the weight to allow for that though. Definitely do not use it for the driver's seat though. If you hit a bump or dip in the road, it would most likely lift you away from the gas and brake pedals while the car is in motion. It really works best in a "hard" chair or padded dining-room style chair.

  • Will it work on a wooden dining room chair?

    My late wife used it on kitchen chairs, dining room chairs and also her recliner. Just be sure to adjust the tension to your weight!

  • Would this work after a knee replacement?

    Yes, this is when I got and started to use this seat - after double knee replacements. I take it with me to the doctor's office, church pews, - just get a good chair with arms to sit in and set it at the appropriate weight. You might have to play with the weight adjustments, as the higher the weight, the higher it pushes you up. It's not comfortable to sit on every day but works well when you go out...The one I use is 5 years old, and the more you use it setting it up and closing it, the easier it is to bend and open up.

  • What are the width and depth dimensions of this lift?

    The dimensions are about 17" wide and 19" deep. I say about as there is a slight curvature to the seat. We use it in a recliner which is very roomy, so we have to do some adapting. You will sit higher on the lift which makes the arms, if you depend on them, low, so we use some pillows. We also push the base of the lift into the crack at the back of the seat. If you are struggling to get someone on their feet or wanting to use it as a tool for maintaining independence we recommend it. My husband has a problem getting on his feet and at times can be almost a dead weight. Without this, I don't know what I would do!!

  • Does it work well with a recliner?

    It can be used with a recliner and your experience will vary depending on the recliner's cushiness and how much/if it rocks. These always work better on harder surfaces and it's recommended you have a surface (such as a walker or standing cane) to grab on to in unison with the seat assist. This will aid in maintaining a strong balance when standing/sitting.

  • does medicare cover the cost of this lift?

    Yes, these lifts are FSA/HAS eligible.

  • What is your return policy if we are not satisfied?

    Great question! We do offer a 30-day return policy should you not be happy with your Carex product. We also offer a warranty that covers your product if it is defective or does not do what it has been designed to do. You can learn more about our return policy here: and our warranty here: