Carex Uplift Premium Power Seat - Sit and Stand with Ease icon
Carex Uplift Premium Power Seat
Carex Uplift Premium Power Seat
Carex Uplift Premium Power Seat
Carex Uplift Premium Power Seat
Carex Uplift Premium Power Seat
Carex Uplift Premium Power Seat
Carex Uplift Premium Power Seat
Carex Uplift Premium Power Seat
Carex Uplift Premium Power Seat
Carex Uplift Premium Power Seat
Carex Uplift Premium Power Seat
Carex Uplift Premium Power Seat
Carex Uplift Premium Power Seat
Carex Uplift Premium Power Seat

Carex Uplift Premium Power Seat

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This portable electric lift provides 100% lifting assistance for those who need help standing from their armchair or sofa. The patented LeveLift Technology ensures a gentle and safe lift without pushing you forward, and the easy-to-use flexible hand control can be placed wherever it is convenient. Easy to clean, the upeasy power seat can be wiped down with soap and water and includes a washable, zippered waterproof cover. The memory foam core helps prevent pressure sores and two ergonomic handles make it perfect to carry around at home or on the go.

  • Provides 100% lift-assist for persons up to 300 lbs. For anyone looking for increased mobility, the portable chair lift offers an excellent source of support. The lifting device proves a safe and gentle lift to aid in standing up. It's perfect as a handicap or elderly lift assist for those in need.
  • Available in 17" or 20" wide to fit most armchairs or sofas. Using the seat lift is simple, easy, and affordable. It works with most armchairs or sofas to provide sit to stand assist. No need to purchase an expensive lifting chair. Choose from either 17" or 20" wide based on your preferences.
  • Portable chair lift for on-the-go. The uplift seat assist is lightweight and features two ergonomic handles to carry around easily. No more worrying about traveling or visiting friends or family and struggling with sitting or standing.
  • Controlled with an electric-powered remote. The portable electric lifting seat is controlled via a remote for comfortable and quick use. Its simple interface makes it ideal for anyone.
  • Easy to clean and washable. The uplift seat assist comes complete with multi-density cushion with a memory foam core that's waterproof and washable for easy cleaning. Cleaning is quick by wiping with a damp, soapy cloth.

Note: Product should not be used on the seat of a wheelchair.


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The Original Bed Buddy

Over 35 Years of Keeping You Independent and Mobile

Trust in Carex for your lifting seat. These mobility aids have been designed to be an alternative to traditional, and often expensive, lifting chairs. Our seat assists offer the needed support to sit down and stand up without struggle. Their compact design makes them perfect for most chair and sofas and able to be taken anywhere they're needed.

More Affordable than Traditional Chair Lifts

Lifting chairs offer a convenient method of sitting and standing assistance. However, they're often expensive and limit users to only using that specific seat. Our lifting seat is more affordable, can be used on multiple areas of the home, and is portable for assistance anywhere.

The perfect alternative to expensive lift chairs
Provides 100% gentle and safe lift assistance

Provides 100% Lift Assistance

For those with significant mobility issues, sitting and standing can prove to be a challenging task. Our seat assist device offers a gentle and safe lift and lower for maximum comfort. This device offers 100% assistance meaning all the user has to do is sit on it without any effort needed.

Comfortable and Easily Washable

Not only does this offer an easy method of sitting and standing, but it's comfortable and easy to clean. The multi-density foam and memory foam core provide an ample amount of comfort for daily use. Its cover is made to withstand spills, be easy to clean, and zippered to protect the lift. It's the perfect mobility aid for those with weak lower body strength.

Medical grade, zippered, and waterproof removable cover
Easy to operate and can be stopped at any height

Control the Height via Simple Remote

We've designed this mobility aid to be easy to use for anyone. Control the height of the lift via the two button remote. Users are in full control of the height by just releasing the button when the optimal height is met.


Ask a Question
  • Do you sell a model with a left handed control switch?

    Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, we do not.

  • Can this lift be used on a dining room chair without arms? Thank you.

    It can be used on that style of chair. However, we do recommend using it close to the table or in unison with a walking cane for added balance and support.

    Hope this helps!

  • I purchased the less expensive self powered seat lift and find it uncomfortable for sitting for long periods, how does this model compare? Thanks for your help.

    This power seat has memory foam built-in for extra comfort while the manual seat lift has a polyurethane foam cushion for those that don't need the extra padding. This particular model is our most comfortable seat lift compared to other models. Hope this helps!

  • Can I put it on a wheel chair and plug it in when we are in the bedroom? Then I can help my wife onto the bed.

    We wouldn't recommend doing this considering the wheelchair may not be a hard enough surface and hinder the effectiveness of the seat assist. Not only this, but it might pose a fall risk. We'd recommend using a support surface (a bedside rail for example) or a mobility tool (a cane or walker) to use as leverage when standing up. Hope this helps!

  • How long is the power cable?

    Thanks for asking! The power cable for this particular model of power seat is about six feet for ample use and flexibility with power sockets.

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