TENS 7000 Conductive TENS Socks, 2 Pack - Carex Health Brands
TENS 7000 Conductive TENS Socks, 2 Pack - Carex Health Brands
TENS 7000 Conductive TENS Socks, 2 Pack - Carex Health Brands
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TENS 7000 Conductive TENS Socks, 2 Pack

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Struggle with foot pain? Our electrotherapy socks are woven with silver to maximize both conductivity and comfort to treat the entire foot and ankle, which is not possible with traditional TENS pads. Using our TENS unit garments is easy. Users spray each conductive sock garment generously with the conductive spray (or water* --not soaked), then place the glove on one hand and place one 3" Round electrode somewhere on the calf and turn on the TENS unit. The TENS for feet pain will then deliver electricity to the TENS garments, providing pain relief over the foot and ankle.

  • Fast and effective foot pain relief products. Each form-fitting conductive garment is designed with woven conductive fibers to reach the entire foot and ankle for pain relief. Each sock delivers pain relief throughout the entire foot and ankle.
  • Effective for foot pain of all types. Electrode therapy is a safe and effective pain relief treatment for conditions such as arthritis, nerve and joint pain, sprains, post-op swelling, and more.
  • Compatible with most TENS/EMS unit devices. Our foot pain relief kit works with most TENS units for feet including TENS 7000, Twin Stim, InTENSity at Home, Belifu, HealthmateForever, Nursal, and more.
  • Reusable and washable. Use the TENS unit conductive garments continuously as needed. Each sock is hand washable and can be reused as needed. Our conductive electrode garments are designed to withstand everyday use while providing pain relief over the entire foot and ankle.
  • One size fits most. The conductive garment for TENS is designed with stretchable materials to fit most users and keep good contact with the skin.
  • Why a sock? Conductive garment electrodes allow for treatment of the entire foot and ankle simultaneously which is not possible with traditional TENS unit pads. Standard TENS electrodes can only target a smaller area and can become undone when in use on the foot. Our conductive garments for TENS units also allow for easier movement while treating pain without having to worry about them coming undone.
  • Includes everything needed to use your TENS unit for feet pain. Our TENS conductive garment sock kit comes with two TENS 7000 conductive socks, four premium quality 3" round electrode pads, two lead wires, two snap-to-pin adapters, one bottle of conductive spray, and a user guide. 

TENS 7000 Conductive Garments are compatible with most TENS units, EMS*, and other electrotherapy stimulation devices. Approved for use with the TENS 7000, TENS 7000 To Go, TENS 3000 & InTENSity brand TEns Units, InTENSity 5000 Hybrid-OTC, Twin Stim - OTC, Twin Stim Plus - OTC & many more.

- DO NOT treat both socks at once.
- DO NOT use TENS Socks, shock may occur.
- DO NOT use with an EMS setting. TENS only.

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Targeted Foot Pain Relief, All Over

Our TENS socks provide targeted foot pain relief all over the foot and toes. Traditional TENS unit pads are great for targeting flat areas of the body. But when it comes to feet, they unstick and are not able to target the complete area. Our TENS socks are woven with silver and form-fitting to provide close contact and conduct electricity throughout the entire garment.

TENS garment for foot pain

Includes Everything Needed to Use Your TENS Unit for Foot Pain

Our conductive TENS sock garment kit includes::

  • Two (2) TENS 7000 Conductive Socks
  • Four (4) Premium Quality 3” round electrode pads
  • Two (2) Pair of lead wires
  • Two (2) snap-to-pin adapters
  • 1 Bottle of conductive spray
  • User Guide

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Jorge Vela (San Francisco, US)

Works for my neuropathy calms the nagging pain

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