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Carex Easy-Up Bed Rail - Carex
Carex Easy-Up Bed Rail - Carex
Carex Easy-Up Bed Rail
Carex Easy-Up Bed Rail
Carex Easy-Up Bed Rail - Carex
Carex Easy-Up Bed Rail
Carex Easy-Up Bed Rail
Carex Easy-Up Bed Rail
Carex Easy-Up Bed Rail
Carex Easy-Up Bed Rail - Carex
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Carex Easy-Up Bed Rail

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The Easy-up Bed Rail is a combination of a safety rail and bed support rail for ultimate convenience and safety. Designed for use at home, this bed rail for adults features a black powder coating and a compact frame. It has a single-step release that allows users to easily height adjust the rails.

  • Combines a padded bed support bar and safety rail. The bed guard rails 2 in 1 design offers a grab bar to assist with getting in and out of bed and a safety rail to prevent falls. The under mattress bed rail features a large width to provide plenty of surface area to grab on to.
  • Universally fits most bed sizes. The bed assist rail fits most beds, so you don't have to worry about it not fitting. It fits under the mattress and utilizes the mattress's weight to stay in place and offer sturdy support.
  • Easy to raise or lower the height. The adjustable bed rails for seniors features a single-step to adjust the height easily. The bed frame rail can be height adjusted from 31" to 37" to meet user needs and the bed height.
  • Tool-free assembly. Installing the bed rail for beds is quick, easy, and requires no tools. The bed side rail can be installed on either sides of the bed.
  • Supports up to 300 lbs. The heavy-duty bed rail provides a durable and reliable safety and support surface. The safety strap holds the Carex bed rail in place and secure.

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Empowering Independence and In-Home Safety

In-home safety is vital to independence and a high quality of life. The Carex Easy-Up Bed Rails acts as a 2-in-1 grab bar and safety rail. The grab bar feature provides sitting and standing assistance while the safety rail prevents falls. If you or a loved one struggles getting in or out of bed, this is the perfect solution.

Carex Bed Support Rail and Grab Bar
Easy-Up Bed Support Rail with Height Adjustability

Easy to Raise and Lower via Built in Strap

Our bed support rails are easy to adjust by pulling on the strap. Users can use their foot or hand to adjust the height for easy access and safety. The bar can be raised from 31" to 37". 

Fits Most Beds and Supports up to 300 lbs.

Our bed rail guard adds a new level of independence and in-home safety. Installation is quick and easy with no tools needed. The support rail installs under the mattress and stays in place using the mattresses weight. If you or a loved one are prone to falls then a bed support rail can make all the difference.

Carex bed support rail


Ask a Question
  • Hello, will this fit a 21 inch mattress?

    Our bed rails are designed to fit most standard-size mattresses from twin to king. The bed rail is 31" - 37" x 35" - 45" x 20". If you're having any doubts, it's best to measure your mattress to see if the rails fit within your mattress.

  • many pieces comes with easy up bed rail?are both picture supposed to be in box? ty

    Thanks for reaching out! The items are listed in the instructions here:

  • What mechanism fits between the mattress and box spring to keep it in place.

    Great question! This bed rail uses its L shaped design to easily fit and stay in place between the mattress. See the photo below for a visual explanation. It comes in two pieces to spread each out based on the height of the individual using it. 

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