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Carex Knee Pillow - Carex
Carex Knee Pillow - Carex
Carex Knee Pillow - Carex
Carex Knee Pillow - Carex
Carex Knee Pillow - Carex
Carex Knee Pillow - Carex
Carex Knee Pillow - Carex
Carex Knee Pillow - Carex
Carex Knee Pillow - Carex
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Carex Knee Pillow

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Sleep better, align your spine and reduce lower body pain with the Carex Knee Pillow. The knee pillow for sleeping is made with premium quality memory foam that reacts quickly to provide instant relief and recovers slowly for long-lasting support. It is ergonomically designed to provide spinal alignment to help reduce lower back and leg pain—an ideal choice for comfort and increased support during and post-pregnancy. The knee elevation pillow comes complete with a soft, removable cover for easy machine washing.

  • Aligns your spine and restored circulation. The orthopedic knee pillow sports an ergonomic design to provide spine alignment. Aligning your spine helps reduce lower back, leg, and hip pain.
  • Ideal for side sleeping. The ergonomic knee pillow serves as a posture aide for pregnant women, side sleepers, and restless comfort seekers. The spine align knee pillow forces users to correct their posture for deep, restful sleep.
  • Made from premium quality memory foam. The soft yet firm knee wedge pillow molds ergonomically to your body to support precisely where it's needed. The knee and leg pillow offers the perfect support at just the right amount of cushion.
  • Hypo-allergenic for comfort and safety. Suffer from allergies? The memory foam knee pillow's build makes it hypo-allergenic to keep you from having many allergy-related issues.
  • Has a removable cover for easy cleaning. Don't worry about getting the leg knee pillow dirty. Its knee pillow cover is easily removable and machine washable.

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Align Your Spine, Reduce Pain, and Sleep Better

Our knee pillow's ergonomic shape fits perfectly between your legs to keep your spine and hips aligned. This reduces pressure and pain for a better night's sleep.

Knee pillow for side sleepers
Ergonomic knee pillow

Specialized Shape for Better Support and Comfort

The two curved sides fit perfectly between your legs while keeping the pillow in place while you sleep. We've designed it to conform to the shape of your legs without being overly intrusive.

Machine Washable Cover

Don't worry about getting spills on your knee pillow. The included case is easy to remove and can be washed in any washing machine.

Machine washable knee pillow


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