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TENS Unit Conductive Garments

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TENS conductive garments are perfect for anyone seeking complete electrode therapy over their hand & wrist, knee, or ankle & foot. Our collection of TENS unit garments includes conductive gloves, electrotherapy socks, and conductive knee garments. Using conductive garments for TENS units is simple, users spray each garment with conductive spray (or water, not soaked), place a single TENS unit pad on their forearm or lower leg (depending on the target area), and turn their TENS unit on for pain relief. Conductive garment electrodes are ideal for these target areas as they provide pain relief all over, are form-fitting to stay close to the skin, and will not come unstuck with movement. All of our garments, including our electrode gloves, knee sleeve, and TENS sock are woven with silver to circulate electricity throughout the garment. Each garment is one-size-fits-all with stretchy materials to fit most users.

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