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  • Will any brand of pads work with this TENS unit?

    Yes, the TENS 7000 is designed to work with other brands of electrodes. However, we do recommend using TENS 7000's brand of electrodes:

    We also offer discounts when you bundle your TENS 7000 with TENS 7000 pads.

  • Does it come with a belt clip?

    Yes, the TENS 7000 features a convenient belt clip on the back.

  • What size are the plugs for replacement leads?

    The plugs for this TENS unit are 2.5mm

  • Can you use just one wire at a time instead of two?

    Yes, this unit works when just using one set of wires instead of two.

  • Is there a mode that has random pulses? Or is each mode just one repeated pulse?

    The TENS 7000 features multiple mode settings which gives you the ability to have randomized pulses as well as repeated pulses.

  • What is the intensity range?

    The TENS 7000 has been designed to outperform most TENS units with a 0 to 100mA intensity output. It features 8 intensity ranges with 0 being low and 8 being high.

  • How long will the TENS 7000 run on a single battery?

    We don't have an exact answer since the battery will last depending on how often you use the TENS unit. We highly recommend purchasing a charging kit which includes two rechargeable batteries and a battery charger here:

  • Is this the 2nd edition of the Tens 7000 which features the higher 100mA output?

    Yes, this TENS unit features a higher intensity at 100mA which is stronger than most (most only go up to 80mA).