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  • My thermometer is reading in the low 90's and it gets lower every time I use it. can this device be re-calibrated?

    Yes, it would appear your thermometer needs to be recalibrated. You can find instructions to do so here: 

    Hope this helps!

  • How do I know if battery is low

    A black bar will show on the LCD display to tell you to change the battery. You can find the full instructions for this thermometer here:

  • What does L mean? Battery low?

    The L is actually "Lo" which appears when the last recorded temperature is out of the temp range. Anything under 90 degrees F reports a Lo and anything over 109.9 degrees F reports a “Hi”. When the battery is low, the screen flashes a battery icon in the bottom right corner of the LCD display.

  • how do I change to farenheit?

    The button on the front of the thermometer should give you the option to change it to Fahrenheit.