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  • How do I calibrate this thermometer. Item # : 70256 Apex Large Face LCD Fast Read Digital Thermometer

    You can find callibration instructions in the user manual here:

  • my apex thermometer reads several degrees low, how do I calibrate the thermometer?

    Here are the directions for calibrating: 

    "The thermometer is initially calibrated at the time of manufacture. lf the thermometer is used according
    to the use instruction, periodic readjustment is not required. However, we recommend checking
    calibration every two years or whenever clinical accuracy of the thermometer is in question. Turn on the
    thermometer and insert into the water bath which the temperature is steady. ASTM laboratory accuracy
    requirements in the display range of 98.6 to 102.2°F (37.0 to 39.0°C) for electronic thermometers is
    ±0.2°F(±0.1°C). The above recommendations do not supersede the legal requirements. The user must
    always comply with legal requirements for the control of the measurement, functionality, and accuracy
    of the device which are required by the scope of relevant laws, directives or ordinances where the device
    is used."

  • What size batteries does this take?

    This particular thermometer uses a 1.5 V DC button battery (size LR41, SR41, UCC 392, or equivalent).