Roscoe Fall Mat - Carex
Roscoe Fall Mat - Carex
Roscoe Fall Mat - Carex
Roscoe Fall Mat - Carex
Roscoe Fall Mat - Carex
Roscoe Fall Mat - Carex
Roscoe Fall Mat - Carex
Roscoe Fall Mat - Carex
Roscoe Fall Mat - Carex
Roscoe Fall Mat - Carex
Roscoe Fall Mat - Carex
Roscoe Fall Mat - Carex
Roscoe Fall Mat - Carex
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Roscoe Bedside Fall Mat

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Protect yourself and loved ones from injury and falls with the Roscoe cushion floor mat. Our padded mat system is made of 2" high compression foam to provide a firm support surface. Protective floor mats can be placed beside the bed to enhance safety for those at-risk of falls. The bi-fold design and hook & loop fasteners make transporting and storage of the folding vinyl floor mat convenient and effortless. Fall protection mats make the perfect addition to enhance safety and peace of mind.

  • Enhances overall safety and prevent injuries. It's a known fact that elderly persons are more prone to falls, making bedside fall protection vital. Our bed floor mats create a safer environment by preventing injury should they fall. If prone to falling out of bed, then a safety floor mat is a must-have.
  • Made from durable high-compression foam. Our fall floor mat features a durable and shock absorbent build to absorb shock and reduce the chances of injury. Its durable materials make the fall matt ideal for those in need of a long-term floor safety solution.
  • The perfect addition to other fall safety products. Fall mats for elderly persons make an excellent addition to other fall prevention aids such as bed rails, grab bars, and more. Use in unison with a commode as an incontinence bedside floor mat.
  • Bi-folding design for easy storage and transportation. Our bedside fall safety mat features an easy fold design with hook and loop fasteners for easy storage. The fall protection flooring is easy to store when not in use and can be taken anywhere.
  • Easy to clean and flame retardant. Because they're on the floor, floor mats for patient falls must be easy to clean. Our bedside foam fall pad features a vinyl cover that's low-maintenance and easy to clean. Its cover is coated with a flame retardant to meet California Technical Bulletin #117 standards.
  • 24" x 66" x 2" size for ample fall support. We've designed the best fall mat for elderly and disabled persons to offer plenty of room next to the bed. The extended size of the bedside safety mat makes it adequate for covering most bedsides, offering plenty of fall protection and keeping patients from falling directly on the floor.
  • Universal to be used throughout the house. Our medical floor mats are universal, whether you're in need of a bedside mat, a mat for under a bedside commode, or a padded mat for the bottom of stairs.

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Roscoe Medical
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Fall Protection for Peace of Mind

Just the thought of falling can be intimidating and keep one up at night. Our padded floor mat for sleeping offers peace of mind to prevent injuries from falls. Fall pads for the elderly and disabled make the perfect addition to promote safety and independence.

Bedside fall mat
Folding bedside fall mat

Bi-Fold Design for Easy Storage

We've made our bedside crash mat easy to store and transport. Its bi-fold design and hook and loop fasteners make storing the floor shock absorber quick and convenient when not in use.

Easy to Clean Vinyl Cover

Bedside cushioned fall mats are prone to dirt and debris. Because of this, we've equipped our bed fall protection equipment with a vinyl cover for quick and effortless cleaning. Just use a household cleaner with a rag for a spotless clean.

Easy to clean dual-zipper vinyl covers
Universal for bedside, stairs, or anywhere needed

Universal for Any Area of the HOme

Our floor mat for disabled adults features a universal design and 24" x 66" x 2" size to be used anywhere it's needed. It can be used as an incontinence floor mat, pressure mat for care homes, or as a floor mat for the side of the bed.


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