How to do Cardio While Sitting


Exercise is essential in maintaining healthy muscle tissue while keeping your whole body healthy and free of disease. Traditional standing workouts aren't always an option, especially when you are restricted to sitting from injury. Luckily, even in that condition, you can perform cardio workouts with sitting down exercises.

Cardio workouts involve activities that boost your heart & respiratory rate. Physical activity is equally important regardless of which health condition you suffer. The movement provides you with sufficient energy if you spend most of your day sitting. These seated cardio exercises are perfect for everybody. This article will cover a few easy and convenient chair cardio exercises that anyone can do.

10 Exercises that can be Done While Sitting

1. Seated Jacks

Usually, we begin with jumping jacks as a warm-up exercise. The incredible thing about it is you can also do seated jacks. It helps in burning a good amount of calories without you getting drenched in sweat.

Start performing this exercise by getting straight with the knees held together. Then join both of your knees while keeping your toes pointed. Make sure the elbows aren't bent & the arms are open at the sides. Also, your palms should be facing forward.

Then take both of the legs out at the sides while flexing your feet. Let the legs land on your heel & bring both of the arms together overhead, like you do while performing a regular jumping jack. After that, return to the position from where you started and perform 20-30 reps.

2. Leg Lift & Twist

Leg Lift & Twist Doing this workout every day will be quite beneficial for the body. It tones your inner thighs, quadriceps & abs.

Start this exercise by sitting at the edge of a bench or chair. Then extend the right leg straight. Make sure you keep the foot firmly grounded. Then cross the arms over the chest & tighten your abs. Rotate the torso towards the right while lifting the right leg closer to your left knee. Squeeze the knees together & begin returning to the position from where you started. Then switch your sides & repeat. Perform up to 15-25 reps.

3. Skater Switch

This exercise is a low-impact form of the side skater and engages your core, glutes, inner thighs, shoulders, & arms. It's an excellent cardio workout for losing weight.

Start this exercise by moving to the corner of the chair. Then bend the right knee out at your side and extend the left leg out to the opposite side. Make sure you keep your toes pointed throughout this exercise. Extend both of your arms & lean forward.

After completion:

  • Try reaching the inside of the right foot using your left arm.
  • Switch over & perform the same with your right arm & left foot.
  • Take a little rest & repeat the whole exercise.
  • Do 25-30 reps of this exercise.

4. Hinge & Cross

Incorporating this exercise into your workout routine is very effective and suitable for strengthening the abs & back muscles while working on the lower body.

Start this exercise by sitting straight with both of your knees held together. Keep the toes pointed & lift the hands while bringing them at the back of your head. After that, tighten the abs and hinge back a little, so the shoulder blades slightly touch the bench's back on which you are sitting. Then cross the right elbow & the left knee. After that, start returning to the position from where you started. Then switch your sides & repeat. Perform up to 20 reps of this exercise.

5. Chair Running

It is probably the funniest form of cardio exercise. Running from the comfort of the chair you are sitting on might appear ludicrous. This workout effectively works on the arms, legs & abs. It provides you with an excellent cardio exercise regime.

Start performing this exercise by sitting straight & extending both of your legs. Make sure you keep both of your toes pointed & the arms bent at your sides. Then tighten the abs tight & let both of your shoulder blades touch your chair's back lightly. Begin by bending the right knee into the chest & turn the left closer to your knee. After that, pull the right elbow back & switch both of your sides. Keep on alternating & perform 25-30 reps.

6. Arm Circles

This exercise can be performed in the seated & lying position as well.

While seated, lift both arms at the sides by creating a right-angle between the arms & your body. Then begin painting circles with your hands, keeping both of the arms straight. You can start by doing small circles & slowly make those smaller ones larger. Keep the arms out at the side.

Then from the lying position, reach your arm out towards the ceiling. Then switch to the other arm. Keep on making circles for up to a minute with each hand. 

7. Bicycle Kicks

Bicycling is one of the most efficient ways of elevating the heart rate. If you don't have a bike, bicycle kicks can be an excellent alternative.

Start this exercise by laying on the back, then bend at the level of your hips & elevate the legs. With both knees bent, try holding the legs up in the air & make the pedaling motion as if paddling an imaginary bike.

8. Seated Press-Ups

This exercise engages the shoulder and tricep muscles.

Start by sitting chair's edge with both arms at the sides, then palms over the seat edge. Then press down the arms like you are trying to lift your whole weight on the chair. Hold yourself for a few seconds & release.

9. Bottle Squeezes

People who spend long hours sitting tend to develop pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. For alleviating the pain, you can use this exercise by using a water bottle.

To get into the position:

  • Try sitting halfway off the chair, keeping the back straight & shoulders down & pull your back.
  • Place the plastic water bottle between the knees, line up the ankle with the knee, so the thighs & calves come at a 90-degree angle.
  • Ensure that both of your feet are 4-inches apart.
  • Squeeze the water bottle up to 30 times.

10. Seated Leg Extensions

Extending your leg is an excellent way to strengthen your thigh and hip muscles.

Start by sitting at the chair's edge with both of your arms kept at your sides. Then extend the right leg straight & flex the foot so that your right heel comes to the floor. Then lift the leg up higher without twisting your back. Keeping the foot flexed engages the muscles in your shins & ankle. Hold them there for a moment. Perform up to 30 reps of this exercise.

The right seated cardio workout can significantly enhance your physical fitness, health, and quality of life. These cardio exercises while sitting down can be done anywhere while traveling, at work, or used as cardio for the wheelchair-bound. A common misconception is those who can't walk to exercise are not able to stay healthy. On the contrary, exercise while sitting on a chair can give you the needed cardio to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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