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  • Can it be put in the freezer?

    The Bed Buddy Back Wrap can be put in the freezer and used as a cold pack.

  • How long does it stay heating on average?

    Our users have reported the Bed Buddy Back Wrap staying really hot for roughly 30 minutes and warm for one hour. However, this will vary depending on the temperature of the room as well as the body temperature of the person using it. 

  • How do you wash this

    It's always best to hand wash your Bed Buddy Back Wrap with a damp towel or wipe. We don't recommend washing it in a washing machine or submerging it in water as this will damage the interior.

  • I bought it and it was an open box without instructions. How do I heat it? The sales lady said I can put it into microwave oven, I was not aware that it contains grain

    Thanks for asking! You can find the instructions to the Bed Buddy Back Wrap here:
    It's best to use a clean microwave oven in 15-second intervals and checking the heat of the wrap in between. We recommend this so you don't overheat the wrap or risk injuring yourself from an overly hot wrap.