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  • Which grains are used in this product?

    The grain used in this product is buckwheat grain.

  • It mentions \"moist heat\", but I wanted to be able to use this over top of clothing; is this possible, or would it get my shirt wet/damp?

    Yes, it is possible to use the Bed Buddy product over your clothing. The product is a moist heat, but will not get clothing wet.

  • Is it washable?

    We highly advise against machine washing the Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Wrap. Always wash with a moist towel or wipe. 

  • How do I add the water to get damp heat from my Bed Buddy?

    Thanks for reaching out! The Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Wrap produces damp-heat without the need for additional water. However, if you would like additional dampness, you can add water in a cup when heating it in the microwave.

  • Where is this product made? Does it come in a longer version for a taller and larger than average person?

    This is made in China. Unfortunately, we do not. For larger coverage, we recommend our Bed Buddy Body Wrap or back wrap.

  • Is flax or flaxseed uses in any of your products? I am very allergic so always need to check. Thanks!

    Thanks for asking! This product does contain wheat.

  • Can you sleep with it

    Yes you can!

  • How do you make it a cold pack

    Thanks for asking! To make the Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Wrap cold, simply put it in your freezer or refrigerator until it is at the desired temperature.

  • I can not wash this, but how to clean it? I have had this for many years and now it is not as white or clean. I wish that you had a cotton cover for it.

    Thanks for asking! The best way to clean your Bed Buddy is by running a damp cloth over it. We highly caution against submerging it in water as it will damage the materials inside.

  • Do I put it in the microwave? If so, for how long? There are no instructions on how to heat it.

    Hi there,

    Yes, you can put the Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Pack in the microwave. You can find the instructions here. It's very important to clean your microwave before heating to keep the Bed Buddy from burning or catching fire. Not only that, but keep the original smell of the Bed Buddy. Heat it for 90 seconds and check if it is at the desired temperature. Do not heat it for more than 2 minutes at a time.