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Apex Temp*Qwik Forehead Strip Thermometer
Apex Temp*Qwik Forehead Strip Thermometer
Apex Temp*Qwik Forehead Strip Thermometer
Apex Temp*Qwik Forehead Strip Thermometer
Apex Temp*Qwik Forehead Strip Thermometer
Apex Temp*Qwik Forehead Strip Thermometer
Apex Temp*Qwik Forehead Strip Thermometer
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Apex Temp*Qwik Forehead Strip Thermometer

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Quickly and accurately take one's temperature. Our Temp Qwik forehead thermometer requires no batteries or electricity, making it convenient and ready for use anywhere. The fever thermometer takes only 15 seconds to show a reading, letting you know if one has a fever or should seek medical attention. Each strip is unbreakable and reusable for continuous use. Our strip temporal thermometers are excellent alternatives to traditional oral thermometers.

  • Safe and convenient to use anywhere, anytime. Our head thermometer strips are a great alternative to traditional mouth thermometers. Place them over your forehead for a fast and accurate reading.
  • Shows temperature in just 15 seconds. Each forehead strip thermometer takes only 15 seconds to let you know if you have a fever and should seek medical attention.
  • Unbreakable and reusable. Our temperature strips are safe to use and compact to store. Keep them in your bag or car for convenient use.

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Apex: Large Face Fast Read Thermometer
Apex: Large Face Fast Read Thermometer

A Head Thermometer Strip for Easy Reads with No Batteries Needed

When it comes to convenience, you can't go wrong with a temp strip. Our forehead temperature strip accurately reads temperature in just 15 seconds with no batteries needed. That means you're always able to read a temperature when it's needed. No more worrying about the battery working after being stored away.

Features & Benefits

  • Reads temp in 15 seconds
  • No batteries needed
  • Unbreakable and reusable
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Kid and toddler friendly
LCD thermometer

Tape Thermometer for Easy and Reliable Reads

Don't worry about a dead battery any longer. Our thermometer strips sit on top of the forehead to provide a read. They don't need batteries which removes the hassle of having to make sure the batteries aren't drained. 

Color bar indicator

Shows Temperature in 15 Seconds or Less

Quickly take temperature in 15 seconds or less. The strip provides a Celsius or Fahrenheit reading.

Flex tip thermometer

Unbreakable & Reusable - Great for Kids

Traditional thermometers are prone to damage. Not only that, but they require oral use which can be challenging with squirmy kids. Strips, by design, can't be broken when dropped and lay on top of the forehad (instead of in the mouth) to take temperatures. This makes them safer and more convenient.

Thermometer with case

Used by Mothers & Grandmothers Everywhere

"I didnt know about this forehead thermometer until I met my husband 11 years ago. His grandmother only used this whenever anyone in their family was not feeling well. My husband's mother also swore by it." - Amazon Review


Ask a Question
  • What is accuracy for measure body temperature

    The accuracy of the Apex Temp Qwik thermometer is +/- 1 C°.