Bed Buddy Full Body Pillow - Carex Health Brands
Bed Buddy Full Body Pillow - Carex Health Brands
Bed Buddy Full Body Pillow - Carex Health Brands
Bed Buddy Full Body Pillow - Carex Health Brands
Bed Buddy Full Body Pillow - Carex Health Brands
Bed Buddy Full Body Pillow - Carex Health Brands
Bed Buddy Full Body Pillow - Carex Health Brands
Bed Buddy Full Body Pillow - Carex Health Brands
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Bed Buddy Full Body Pillow

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For a better night's sleep, improved circulation, and relaxation, choose the Bed Buddy Body Support Pillow. Our comfort body pillow offers a universal solution as a pregnancy body pillow or full-body support while sleeping, reading, watching TV, and more. The pregnancy sleeping pillow's ergonomic design supports the head, back, belly, sides, knees, hip, and feet. With a 60" length and C-shape, it provides ample room for full support while offering a hug-like experience. The full body pregnancy pillow's polyester fiber filling and 9" diameter provide plenty of cushion for a balance of support and comfort.

  • C-shaped to hug your entire body. When selecting a pregnant body pillow, it's essential to choose one that provides ample support to the belly. Our pregnancy body pillow features an ergonomic C-shape to "hug" your body while supporting your stomach—this aids in relieving pressure and tension caused by pregnancy.
  • 60" length provides full-body support. Our 60 inch body pillow gives you full-body support for complete comfort. Its longer length and c-shape combination offer a cloud-like experience for total relaxation.
  • Improves blood circulation, relieves pressure and reduces pain. If you struggle to sleep at night due to discomfort, our 60 in body pillow can help. The body pillow for sleeping is filled with a polyester fiber filling and has a 9" diameter for plenty of cushion, support, and comfort. We created an extra thick orthopedic body pillow to aid in better sleep posture and support.
  • For use in multiple positions. Our long round body pillow isn't just for pregnancy or sleeping. It can also be used while nursing, watching TV, reading, and more. Use the c-shape body pillow throughout the day for a variety of activities.
  • Excellent pain relief for a variety of conditions. If you struggle with pain, sleeping can be difficult. Our multi-position body pillow gives ample support to relieve pain from conditions such as sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, back pain, and more. The big body pillow fully embraces your body to support you while sleeping comfortably.

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A blue banner with the Bed Buddy logo and model sleeping on the c-shaped full body pillowText C-Shaped Full Body Pillow.
Bed Buddy Full Body Pillow

A Universal Fully Body Pillow for Pregnancy, Pain Relief, Sleep Posture, and More

Don't let pain keep you up at night. Our polyester body pillow offers full-body support to relieve pain, improve blood circulation, and minimize pressure. If you're pregnant, its c-shape design makes the soft body pillow an excellent source of belly support. If you struggle with pain at night, it can be used to relieve back, leg, hip, and other types of pain.

Features & Benefits

  • Universal for pregnancy or other conditions
  • C-shape and 60" for full body support
  • Includes a convenient carrying case
  • For multiple types of sleeping positions
The Bed Buddy Body Pillow on a white background with a line showing it’s 60” length

A 60" Large Body Pillow

Our entire body pillow braces you comfortably to provide a cloud-like experience. The feeling of being held enhances your sleep quality and offers comfort.

The Bed Buddy Body Pillow in its carrying case on a white background

Includes a Convenient Carrying Case

Our chiropractic pregnancy pillow comes with a convenient carrying case for easy storage and transportation. Most pregnancy belly pillows don't come with a case, making them prone to damage and stains when not in use. The carrying case protects the pillow and makes it easy to store.

A close-up of the Bed Buddy Body Pillow’s material

Use for a Variety of Reasons

Universal body pillow support is excellent for a variety of conditions. The ergonomic design hugs your body to provide ample support while pregnant or relieve back, neck, shoulder, or leg pain. Its plush feel offers a generous cushion to alleviate pressure and promote blood circulation and better sleep posture.

A graphic of a person in various sleeping positions

For Multiple Sleep Positions

Are you a side, back, or stomach sleeper? Our body pillow can meet your needs. Its design allows support for any position.


Ask a Question
  • Is the large body pillow machine washable?

    The removable cover is. The pillow itself is not.

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