Earn 6% commission by driving traffic to Carex Health Brands's website

Carex Health Brands has been a household name in health and wellness products for over 35 years. Our wide range of health and wellness products alongside our reputable brands has made us a go-to for anyone seeking in-home, self-care medical products. And we're proud to invite you to be a part of it all!

By joining the CHB affiliate program, you'll be able to earn 6% commission by driving traffic to our website. You unlock the power of the CHB brand and are able to tap into special sales and new products that we have to offer.

How it Works:

Why Become a CHB Affiliate:

1. Sign Up: Join our program by creating an account through ShareASale (you also unlock other affiliate programs through them)
2. Once approved, you'll gain access to our library of product photos, promotional banners, and a custom storefront that you can drive traffic to.
3. When someone makes a purchase on after clicking your link, you get a commission of the total sale.
4. CHB tracks all sales made through you and sends you a payment after each sale. No need to worry about any of the heavy lifting, we handle it all!
5. You'll get emails with special promotions and new products to promote through your sales channels as an affiliate. 
  • Earn a base commission of 6% on each purchase.
  • Be a part of a well recognized and respected brand
  • Get early access to special promotions and new products
  • Help people live better lives with supporting health and wellness products!