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  • Does it lock when folded?

    Yes, you can lock the brakes when folded. 

  • Do you need hand strength to operate the brakes?

    The brakes on this rollator are easy to use for someone with weak hand strength. 

  • Does it fit through doorways?

    Yes, this walker is designed to fit through most standard doorways. It also folds if needed to fit through tight spaces. 

  • Does insurance cover this walker?

    Yes, this rollator is FSA and HSA eligible. However, we ask you to check with your insurance first to make sure. 

  • Do the wheels swivel?

    The front wheels swivel while the back wheels do not. We've designed this rollator with larger wheels to make turning easier. 

  • Is this walker lightweight? Will it fit in the trunk of a car?

    Yes, the Carex Rolling Walker is lightweight with a weight of 17.5 lbs. It's been designed to fold and fit with ease in most standard size trunks. 

  • What material are the tires made off?

    The tires on this rollator are made of rubber. 

  • Will it roll when folded?

    Yes, but it will not be able to carry any items. 

  • Is the backrest removable?

    No, the backrest stays in place. 

  • Are you able to sit and use your legs to move around on this rollator?

    Yes, this rollator gives you the option to do so however we don't recommend it. 

  • Is it height adjustable?

    Yes, this rollator is height adjustable 33.75" - 36.5" 

  • What is the warranty for this?

    The warranty is 3 years on the frame and 1 year on all other arts from the date of purchase.

  • Is it possible to buy handle extensions for someone that is 6\'2\"?

    We do not carry handle extensions for our rolling walkers. For proper height adjustment, the handle should be level with the wrist, top height for the handle is 38.75”.

  • Does it perform well on grass?

    Yes, it does. The Carex Rolling walker's wheels are a decent size and combined with a lightweight design for easy use on short grass. You may find some resistance when it comes to bumps, but for the most part, it's manageable. 

  • Does it lock when seated?

    Yes, the Carex Rolling Walker locks when seated. You lock it before sitting down by pushing the lower handle down causing it to lock in place. 

  • how do I tighten the brake cables?

    There is a small knob on the brake handles that you can turn to tighten.

  • 3 q's. 1. What is the seat width? 2. When you say "height adjustable," is that seat or handle height? 3. Supports up to what weight?

    Thanks for reaching out. Here are the answers to your questions:

    1. The seat width is 12.5"
    2. The handles are height adjustable, not the seat
    3. This rollator supports up to 250 lbs. 

    Hope this helps!

  • Where do I buy the hardware for it

    Hardware for this particular walker can be purchased by contacting our customer service team via phone at 8005268051 or here: