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Carex Swivel Stool
Carex Swivel Stool
Carex Swivel Stool
Carex Swivel Stool
Carex Swivel Stool
Carex Swivel Stool
Carex Swivel Stool
Carex Swivel Stool

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Carex Swivel Stool

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The Carex Swivel Stool features a 360 spinning seat to make getting in and out more comfortable and accessible. It is height adjustable from 14.5" to 21" to meet the user's height. The bathroom shower stool features non-slip tips for stability and shower safety. It can support up to 300 lbs making it dependable and durable.

  • Swivels for easy entry into and exit from bathtubs. The 360 degrees spinning seat offers an easy way to get in and out of showers and bathtubs. This helps reduce strain from turning to enter or exit.
  • Height adjustable from 14.5" to 21". When selecting any medical shower stool, height is critical. The adjustable height bath stool allows users to meet their comfort level.
  • Padded seat for comfort. The handicap shower stool combines bath safety and bathing comfort. The extra padding makes sitting for long periods more comfortable. This feature makes it an excellent shower stool for elderly persons.
  • Supports up to 300 lbs. Dependable and durable, the shower seat can help eliminate the worries of falling. The bath and shower safety seat stool has non-slip suction feet to keep the shower chair stable.
  • Quick, easy, tool-free assembly. User-friendly assembly takes only a few minutes with no tools needed. Combined with lightweight, it works great as a travel shower stool.

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Trust Carex for all Your Bathroom Safety Needs

Trust in Carex for all of your bathroom safety needs. Our wide selection, guaranteed product warranty, and 35+ year experience make us the trusted brand for anyone looking to improve the safety of their bathroom. Our mission and reason for being are to enable our customers to live healthier, more comfortable, and independent lives.

Our Most Compact Shower Chair

The Carex Swivel Stool is the perfect solution for anyone with a space-confined bathtub or shower. Its 13" x 13" size offers plenty of room without taking up too much space.

Carex Swivel Stool
360 degree swivel bath stool

360 Swivel Makes Movements Easier

Turning is easy and convenient with this bath safety aid. Its swiveling seat gives users an easy way to move and rotate without struggle. It's the perfect solution for anyone with mobility issues and at risk of falling.

Sturdy and Safe

Don't let its size fool you. The Carex Swivel Stool uses durable aluminum to support up to 300 lbs. Non-slip suction cups keep the chair stable and prevent it from moving while in use. This shower stool have been design to keep users safe, comfortable, and independent.

Bath safety shower stool for elderly


Ask a Question
  • How big is the seat? 13" round? 14" round?

    This stool is 12" round. Thanks for asking!

  • Bought this. What do i do withe the rounded metal and flat plastic washers?

    The washer basically goes acts as a guard when using the screws. So when you're screwing in the screw, you should put the washer through the screw. Once it's all the way screwed in, the washer should be against the stool acting as almost a guard. Hope this helps!

  • Assembly for model B610

    You can find the assembly instructions here:

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