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  • Could this be used in a kayak?

    No, This device is meant to be used in a chair/couch that is sitting flat on the ground. It is not designed to be used in/near water. Thank you for asking.

  • Can this device be used safely on a chair without arms, such as a dining table chair?

    I used it on chairs with arms only, because of my balance problems. I think it can be used but depends on your situation.

  • What is the difference between the regular and premium model?

    The main difference between the two is weight capacity. The standard model has a 230 lb. weight capacity whereas the premium as a 350 lb. weight capacity.

  • Can the device be placed on a cushioned chair seat, or should it only be used on a hard surface?

    Yes this device can be placed on soft and hard surfaces.

  • What is the minimum weight a person needs to be to be able to use this?

    It's adjustable to work for all weights up to 230 lbs.

  • Does Medicare cover these devices?

    Thanks for asking! These devices are FSA and HSA eligible.