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Best Light Therapy Lamps

Light Therapy Lamp Reviews and Mentions

Trying to decide on a therapy lamp? This article showcases the publications who have featured our lamps.



It's one thing to say you have the top therapy lamp, but it's another thing to back it with "best light therapy lamp" reviews, articles, mentions, and more. Below, you'll find links to publications including the New York Times, CNN, Health.com, and more ranking our lights as the best light box therapy lamps.

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Carex Day-Light Classic Plus

"Meets all of the criteria necessary to be considered therapeutically effective and safe, and it’s cheaper than many of its competitors."

- New York Times

"One of the most effective SAD lamps of 2022"

- Health Digest

"It won’t win any design awards, but it’s rated 10,000 lux at 12 inches, which means you get 10,000 lux when you position your face 12 inches away from the light."

- NY Mag

Carex Day-Light Sky

"This lamp has the perfect combination of adjustability, sizing, and settings. The long neck on this lamp allows for optimal swivel action, so you can reap BLT benefits while doing a multitude of morning activities."

- Prevention.com

"The 10,000 lux model has been optimized to be flicker-free, so it can also help shed some light on your workspace and illuminate everyday tasks."

- Mind Body Green

"In our tests it produced 11,000 lux at a distance of 12"

- Yale School of Medicine

TheraLite Aura

"If you simply need to correct your internal clock, fight jet lag, or give yourself an energy boost, toggle one of these four light settings and bask in the warmth."

- Prevention.com

"This therapy lamp is fitted with 168 LED lamps. Just after a few treatments you will notice the first improvements in your mood. The lamp is pretty high and economic, so it will fit on any desk."

- BestAdvisor.com

"At 3,000K, this light therapy lamp has a slightly warmer color temperature than standard daylight, which creates a softer, more ambient lighting effect in your residence. "

- Bob Vila

TheraLite Aura Qi

"Theralite Aura Qi Light Therapy Sun Lamp is recognized for providing superior solutions for correcting misalignment with your internal body clock and gives you appropriate morning hours to help fix the problem."

- SAD Lamps USA

"The Theralite Aura Qi Light Therapy Sun Lamp has a few bonus features not found in most competitors."

- The Manual

"What makes it special is its multi-functionality. It is a watch, a wireless charger, and an alarm at the same time. For all fans of classic lamps and saving space, this is a great choice for an office lamp. Don’t worry, the light intensity is great and does a great job for light therapy."

- LightAdmirers.com

TheraLite Compact

"It’s affordable light therapy lamp with full-spectrum light and 3000K color temperature. It’s compact in size you can bring it on the go."

- Well + Good

"I like that you can adjust the angle of the stand, change the height of the light and rotate the light between portrait and landscape orientations."


"TheraLite's 10,000 lux light has a practical design which allows you to adjust both the height and angle so you can find the perfect position. This is particularly helpful if you're using it as a reading light."

- Your Home Style

TheraLite Halo

"This lamp stands out with its unique lens and shape—it emits light downwards, making it possible to double as a desk lamp. It delivers 10,000 lux, UV-free light and includes a wireless phone charger."

- Forbes

"Looking for a stylish lamp? Look no further than the awesome Theralite Halo Bright Light Therapy Lamp, which not only aids in sleep regulation but also enhances the appearance of your workspace."

- SAD Lamps USA

"If you don’t want any fancy shapes (of which we have a handful in this guide), and you want a therapy lamp that looks like all the ones you’re used to, this therapy lamp is for you."

- LightAdmirers.com

TheraLite Radiance

"A compact option that can give you a boost of bedside natural light to ease you awake in the morning."

- Men's Health

"Ideal for WFH people who suffer from sunlight deprivation and enjoy healing as much as hustling away for that paycheck."

- Esquire

"The perfect bedside 3-in-1 lamp"

- Prevention.com

Carex Sunlite

"Its beginner-friendly design and accessible price point make it a great option for people who want to give light therapy lamps a try without commitment."

- VeryWell Mind

"The Sunlite is incredibly easy to use. It is simply a case of finding somewhere to position it and then switching it on. "

- Shine a Light on SAD

"A perfect choice for anyone who enjoys having light at their fingertips, whether eating breakfast, lunch, or while working or studying on a desk."

- SAD Lamps USA

Bright Health 360°

"If you dislike the flat, rectangular light surfaces of most SAD lamps: Consider the cylindrical Bright Health 24-Inch Light Therapy Lamp"

- New York Times

"If you’re someone who struggles with sleep problems or the winter blues and are looking for an innovative product that could help with that, I recommend the Light Therapy Lamp. "

- Gear Radical

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