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  • I\'ve used the lamp twice, for about 5 minutes each time. I feel dizzy and disoriented afterwards and my eyes are straining. Is this normal?

    Side effects with bright light therapy are not uncommon and often dissipate in a few days as one becomes accustomed to the light. When using the lamp, do not stare at the light itself, but let the light shine down as you read, check email, etc. Some people will also move the lamp further away until they feel more comfortable under the light.   There are a number of resources that can help you learn more about bright light therapy, such as the Mayo Clinic website, or webmd. Always look for information from a reputable source and speak with your healthcare provider for specific questions related to your circumstances.

  • Can you adjust the height, independent of the angle? I mean, not the angle but just the height by itself?

    Yes. Press the button on the front of the base while moving the inner post up or down. Release button and wiggle post up & down a little to lock it in place at the nearest height level.

  • Can it be used as a task light?

    This light is designed mainly for therapy. If you are looking for a therapy light that can also be used as a task light you may want to check out our Aura Therapy light. This one uses LED bulbs, has 4 intensity settings and a tilting lamp head. When used as a task light, you can face the light down towards a tabletop and not have to worry about overexposure to the therapy it provides. I hope this helps. Thank you for asking.

  • Does this product use batteries or electricity?

    Electricity, standard 120 volt 3-prong grounded outlet.

  • Where is the power switch, on the chord, light, or on the base?

    The power switch is on the chord.

  • There are two settings on my lamp but they are not marked. Does anyone know if the switch should be up for therapy or down?

    Click up for therapy and down for a regular light

  • Will it damage unprotected eyes?

    My first answer is, no. However, one shouldn't be looking directly into the light, either. That being said, therapeutic light is received when doing something...reading, crafting, etc, within something like 18" from the light. If you "protect" your eyes, you won't be receiving therapeutic amounts of light.

  • Can I wear my glasses while using this lamp?

    Yes, I wear my reading glasses all the time while using the light

  • What is the height range?

    The base of this light stands at 28.7" inches, from the top of the base the light can be adjusted up to 31".

  • What type of extension cord should I use for the Carex daylight plus model?

    You'll need a three-prong extension cord for the Day-Light Classic Plus.

  • Is this light Full Spectrum?

    Yes, the Day-Light Classic Plus is full spectrum. Thanks for asking!

  • I’m wondering how long you need to sit in front of the light on the lower setting to achieve a therapeutic dose of light. I find the bright setting too intense and am hoping I can achieve the same effect at the lower setting if I sit for longer. Thank you!

    The lower light setting produces 5,000 LUX so you'll want to sit 12-14" from it for about one hour for an effective treatment. Hope this helps!

  • What’s the CRI rating on this lamp?

    Great question! The Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp has a CRI rating of 85 with a color temperature of 4000K.

  • how long do you use per day?

    Great question! We recommend using therapy lamps for 20-30 minutes in the morning when sitting 12-24 inches away. If you are sitting further away, it's recommended to use it for longer.