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  • Can it be heated in the oven?

    No, only heat it in the microwave. An oven can potentially damage the wrap and catch it on fire. 

  • What is it filled with?

    This wrap is filled with all-natural grains.

  • Is this unscented?

    Yes, this wrap does not have a scent.

  • How long does it stay cold?

    Users have reported it staying cold for 20 minutes.

  • How can I wash the body wrap?

    Do not wash the Bed Buddy Body Wrap in the washer or fully submerge it in water. It's best to clean the wrap with a wet wipe or washcloth.

  • Would this be good for keeping your feet warm in bed?

    You can use this product in bed just do not recommend sleeping with it.

  • How long does it stay warm?

    Bed Buddy users have reported it lasting close to a half-hour. It will depend on how long the warp is heated in a microwave, the temperature of the room, and the person's body temperature.

  • Can it be heated in boiling water?

    We strongly advise against heating your Bed Buddy Body Wrap in boiling water as this is a safety risk and will potentially damage the wrap. 

  • What material is it filled with?

    The Bed Buddy Body Wrap is filled with 100% Wheat Grains for a comfortable feel and aromatherapy effect. 

  • How long do you put wrap in microwave

    We recommend placing it in the microwave for no longer than two minutes. If more heat is needed, place it in 15-second intervals and keep an eye on it. You can find the instruction manual here: