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  • What material is the soft cover made out of?

    The hot & cold pain relief wrap is made of Polyester, thanks for asking!

  • My Thermipak is 9.5 /16” .How many seconds in the microwave?

    This will depend on the microwave watts but no longer than 45 seconds. It's always best to heat it for short, 10-second intervals and continue to see how hot it gets in between.

  • Lost my directions , how long do you heat it in the microwave?

    This will vary based on which size wrap you have and your microwave. We've included the heating instructions for microwaving based on Watts for the Medium size wrap below. We'd recommend heating your wrap for short 10 second increments and checking how hot it is in between each heating session.

    Medium 6" x 12" wrap - 1200 Watt 45 Sec. - 1000 Watt 1 Min. - 800 Watt 1 Min.~15 Sec.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi, I have a thermipaq for many years. The inner material become pieces of rocks and blocks. I think it reached end of life. Do I need to recycle it as chemical waste or simply throw it away as normal trash?

    Thanks for asking! Because the inner material is all-natural clay-based materials with no hazardous materials, there is no need to recycle it as chemical waste.

  • how many years does a clay pack last

    Thanks for asking! We've had many users report using it for multiple years and are still using it. However, it will all depend on how often the wrap is used, how often it's being heated up and for how long, and the conditions in which it's stored/used.

  • can i heat the hot clod pain relief wrap in boiling water instead of microwave.

    Great question! We've designed this wrap to be heated in the microwave for best results. However, we have had users heat it in boiling water. Be sure to watch your wrap carefully so you don't damage it from staying too long in boiling water. This can cause the interior clay to harden if overheated from water.