Bed Buddy Neck & Hand Wrap - Carex
Bed Buddy Neck & Hand Wrap - Carex
Bed Buddy Neck & Hand Wrap - Carex
Bed Buddy Neck & Hand Wrap - Carex
Bed Buddy Neck & Hand Wrap - Carex
Bed Buddy Neck & Hand Wrap - Carex
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Bed Buddy Neck & Hand Wrap

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The Bed Buddy Neck & Hand Wrap is soft and luxurious and will treat tired and sore muscles with the instant soothing warmth of moist heat. The comfortable shape molds to the neck and shoulders and has convenient pockets to warm your hands. The wrap's scent of relaxing lavender and chamomile aromatherapy eases stress and tension. This long-lasting and reusable therapy pack is filled with 100% natural grains to withhold heat and add comfort.

  • Microwaveable neck wrap. Conveniently place the wrap in the microwave for fast and easy moist heat therapy. The neck wrap comfortably wraps around your neck and shoulders down to your hands.
  • Treats tired and sore muscles. The aromatherapy neck wrap combines moist heat with relaxing lavender and chamomile for a rejuvenating smell and feel.
  • Relaxing Lavender and chamomile aromatherapy scent. The neck and shoulder wrap smells fantastic to add another level of comfort for a complete therapeutic experience.
  • Molds to the neck and shoulders for ultimate comfort. The neck and shoulder heat wrap comfortably sits on your neck and shoulders for a natural experience. It's ideal for applying heat to reduce swelling, relieve pain, and act as a form of physical therapy.
  • Reusable and low maintenance. The neck warmer features a velvety cover that is reusable and washable for easy maintenance. No batteries are needed to use it.

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The Original Bed Buddy

Over 35 Years of Helping Others Conquer Their Pain

Trust in Carex for your pain management. For 35+ years, we've helped people conquer their pain, keep their independence, and improve the quality of their life. Our pain relief products are battle-tested, customer-centric, and designed to improve the healing process. All of our products fall under our warranty and satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy, we'll make it right.

Deep Penetrating Relief for Aches, Muscle Strains, Tension, or Arthritis

Our neck and shoulder wrap is designed to mold to your body to provide a deep penetrating pain treatment. Its design comfortable wraps around your neck and down your arms and around your hands.

Bed Buddy Neck and Shoulder Wrap for Pain Relief
Bed Buddy Cooling Weighted Blanket

Place in the Microwave for Moist Heat Therapy

Moist heat therapy offers a natural, safe, and convenient method of pain relief. Moist heat therapy is deep penetrating which allows it to provide pain relief in just two hours compared to dry heat.

Infused with Relaxing Lavender and Chamomile 

Let your mind and muscles relax to the scent of lavender and chamomile. The soothing scents aid to the healing process by relaxing and loosening tense muscles. Lavender promotes relaxation and stress relief while chamomile is known for its calming and soothing effects.

Lavender and Chamomile for pain relief and relaxation
Plush thermatherapy neck and hand wrap

Microwavable, Reusable, and Washable

Our Bed Buddy Neck and Hand Wrap is an excellent pain relief companion. It can be placed in the microwave for a quick moist heat therapy treatment, is reusable for daily use, and can be washed via a damp rag. Add comfort and relaxation to your pain management routine.

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  • Do you heat it?

    Yes, the Bed Buddy Neck and Hand Wrap is heated by microwave. 

  • How long in the microwave do you put the product in for it's maximum time

    Start out by putting your wrap in for 90 seconds and seeing if that reaches your desired temperature. If it does not, keep heating it in 20-second intervals and checking.

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