Bed Buddy Foot Warmers - Carex Health Brands
Bed Buddy Foot Warmers - Carex Health Brands
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Bed Buddy Foot Warmers - Carex Health Brands
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Bed Buddy Foot Warmers - Carex Health Brands
Bed Buddy Foot Warmers - Carex Health Brands
Bed Buddy Foot Warmers - Carex Health Brands
Bed Buddy Foot Warmers - Carex Health Brands
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Bed Buddy Foot Warmers

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Add comfort, pain relief, and ease of use to relieve any foot pain with our microwavable food warmers. Bed Buddy at-home products are fragranced with essential oils and natural herbs to relax sore joints, restore tired muscles, and revitalize your senses. Microwave for soothing moist heat or chill for a cooling compress. Bed Buddy Foot Warmers can be heated to reduce pain and tension caused by arthritis or to warm up on cold nights. Use cold to reduce swollen feet. The Foot Warmers contain real lavender to help you relax.

  • Microwaveable foot warmers. Throw the foot warmers into any microwave for moist heat therapy. Perfect for anyone wanting a hot pack for their feet with the convenience to move around with them on.
  • Hot and cold therapy for your feet. Microwave for a warm compress with moist heat to relieve sore muscles and joints or freeze to use as a cold compress. The hot and cold treatment is perfect for anyone with a foot injury, arthritis, sprains, and more. Moist cold and heat therapy is ideal for reducing swelling and muscle soreness while relieving pain.
  • Fragranced with natural herbs and essential oils to help you relax, restore, and rejuvenate. Choose from four blends of essential oils and herbs for added healing qualities. Our Bed Buddy Foot Warmers are filled with 100% natural grains for an all-natural pain relief remedy.
  • Reusable and washable. Use the foot warmers as many times for as long as needed. They can be easily washed with a damp cloth or wipe.

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Trust in Carex for your pain management. For 35+ years, we've helped people conquer their pain, keep their independence, and improve the quality of their life. Our pain relief products are battle-tested, customer-centric, and designed to improve the healing process. All of our products fall under our warranty and satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy, we'll make it right.

Hot/Cold Therapy for Your Feet

Our Bed Buddy foot warmers are perfect for anyone with a sprain, arthritis, swelling, soreness, and more.

The foot pain relief aids are the perfect solution to foot pain. Place them in the microwave for moist heat therapy or in the freezer for a cold compress. Our one size fits all design offers comfort and convenience for use around the house. Stay mobile without having to sit with a hot/cold therapy on your feet.

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Available in Four Unique Scents/Colors

Each foot pain relief aid is filled with 100% natural grains, herbs, and flowers.

We've designed each scent to provide different effects based on your needs:

  • Eucalyptus, Clove, & Cinnamon: Offers a comforting effect while is commonly used to treat arthritis
  • Lavender: This type of oil is known for its relaxing smell and ability to aid in relaxation, lower blood pressure, and improve sleep.
  • Lavender Rose: This takes all the benefits of Lavender and adds Rose. Rose is most commonly used to treat skin irritation and is known for its anti-aging properties.
  • Lavender Mint: While Lavender aids in relaxation, Mint helps with pain relief. Its tingling sensation promotes a more comfortable healing process and offers a rejuvenating experience.

Fits Women's shoe size 10 or below and men's 9 or below

We've designed our Bed Buddy Foot Warmers to fit all sizes. They stretch around your feet to provide long-lasting therapeutic effects. They're comfortable feel and tight fit keep both hot/cold temperatures for a long time. Use them around the house for a better foot pain relief experience.

The Lavender Rose Bed Buddy Foot Warmers on a white background


Ask a Question
  • What size are these?

    The Bed Buddy Foot Warmers are one size fits all.

  • Can these be heated in the oven?

    No, only heat the Bed Buddy Foot Warmers in a microwave per the instructions provided. 

  • Are they washable?

    Yes, these can be hand washed with lukewarm to cold water. Do not submerge them in water as this may damage the interior materials.

  • Do these have grippies or treads on the bottom to prevent falls?

    No they do not. We do not recommend moving around a lot while wearing these as they are made to provide a compress on the foot and not for use as traditional slippers.

  • Will these fit a man's feet size 11.5?

    These will fit a men's size nine and lower.

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