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Bright Light Therapy Lamps

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Don't Get Stuck in the Dark.

Did you know Americans spend 90% of their time indoors?

Many of us don't get enough sunlight, leading to light deprivation: ⚡ low energy, 💤 poor sleep, and drained 🙁 mental well-being.

How do we combat this?

With safe, effective, and doctor-recommended sun lamp treatment. For 35+ years, our sun light lamps have been considered the best light therapy lamps by leading researchers and publications worldwide.


We design our sunlight therapy lamps based on what experts demand. That means creating artificial sun lamps that:

🌞 Produce 10000 LUX light therapy to mimic sunlight effectively

🌞 And block out harmful UV light for eye and skin safety

Light box therapy is safe & easy to use. Sit in front of our therapeutic sun lamp for 30 minutes each morning. The light intensity will trigger your body's serotonin production: a critical hormone that regulates energy, sleep, and mental well-being.

Within a few daily sessions, you'll start feeling more energized, better rested, and have a better outlook on life.

Ready to brighten up your health? Shop our entire lineup of lights below. ☟

Radiant Reviews: How Our Lamps Have Made a Difference

The Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp provides a shower of brilliance that stimulates your brain and energizes your day. This sturdy model is simple to assemble and comes with amazingly clear instructions. A follow-up service email offers helpful tips on where to station the lamp in your home and how to utilize it effectively. Thank you Carex for a healthy addition to my living environment!

Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp

Catherine Eujon

Carex Day-Light Classic Plus

This has helped my mood especially in the winter. I have bought one for several people who suffer from anxiety and depression. I recommend it highly.

Carex Day-Light Sky

Pedro Weston

Carex Day-Light Sky

This is perfect for those who need the light but don't have a lot of space for the bigger lights. This light still has all the brightness you need. I sit under it all day at work, but then again I'm a bright light therapy junky.

TheraLite Aura

Jill Jenkins

TheraLite Aura

Great light with many other functions. We love the lamp. It was given as a gift to my husband who spends a lot of time reasoning at his desk. It has given him sufficient light, and I think more energy as he has more simulated sun light during our dark winters

Susan Wood

TheraLite Aura Qi

Game Changer. The Carex Day-Light Classic Plus light therapy lamp is a significant upgrade from my existing 10000 lux box light, it leaves me feeling like I'm sitting in the sunlight. So impressed by the quality of the light, may just have to get one for the office and one for the reading chair. If you have the winter blues, this will blast those SAD blues away!

Tom S

Carex Day-Light Classic Plus

Wow I'm awake. I always say my ancestors hibernated because I can sleep all winter! BUT I have a job and children so it's not possible. This lamp and 20 minutes of your time in the morning will remove the winter "blues" This lamp has been such a wonderful help to me! Thank you Carex

Cheryl Ruddick

Carex Day-Light Sky

Wish I Had This Last Year! I was skeptical on light therapy until I bought this on Amazon on a whim. I turn it on in the mornings and lay in bed for a 20-30 minutes with it on me. I feel like it charges my batteries as I don't need to drink coffee like I used to (still drink it though). No longer a skeptic.

TheraLite Aura

Talia Eisner

TheraLite Aura

I skimp on a lot of my self care routine, but not my light therapy. This is a really bright light. I like that I can change the angle of it. There was a problem with mine and customer service fixed it right away.

Carex Day-Light Sky


Carex Day-Light Sky

After hearing about light therapy for years I finally decided to try it for myself. What a difference it has made in my mood. It is easy to use and sitting in front of it has turned into a morning ritual that I love. Thank you Carex for such a great product.

Randy Black

Carex Day-Light Classic Plus

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