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TheraLite Aura Qi Light Therapy Lamp
TheraLite Aura Qi Light Therapy Lamp
TheraLite Aura Qi Light Therapy Lamp
TheraLite Aura Qi Light Therapy Lamp
TheraLite Aura Qi Light Therapy Lamp
TheraLite Aura Qi Light Therapy Lamp
TheraLite Aura Qi Light Therapy Lamp
TheraLite Aura Qi Light Therapy Lamp
TheraLite Aura Qi Light Therapy Lamp

TheraLite Aura Qi Light Therapy Lamp

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Boost your energy, improve your mood, and maintain your mental health with the TheraLite Aura Qi seasonal affective disorder lamp. The Aura Qi is an upgraded model of our popular TheraLite Aura SAD light therapy lamp with new features, including an alarm clock, wireless charging station, and USB port. The seasonal depression lamp provides the doctor recommended 10,000 LUX bright light therapy from an overhead angle to aid in overall mood, energy, and sleep. The natural light lamp doubles as a desk lamp with four light settings. Take advantage of the many ways light therapy benefits your overall health and wellness.

  • Provides the doctor recommended 10,000 LUX from 12". Light box therapy is only effective if the SAD lamp provides 10,000 LUX from a comfortable sitting distance and an overhead angle. The sun lamp meets all of these requirements, making it one of the best SAD lamps available.
  • Includes an alarm clock, wireless charging dock, and a USB port. We've upgraded our already popular TheraLite Aura and added new tech features to the Aura Qi Seasonal Affective Disorder light. The multifunctional seasonal depression light doubles as an alarm clock and phone/electronics charger.
  • A proven method for enhancing health and wellness. Numerous studies show bright light therapy lamps as an effective form of light therapy for depression, seasonal affective disorder, sleep disorders, jet lag, and more. Our sun lamps for depression are safe, effective, and meet recommendations from health experts.
  • Four light settings for custom light treatment. The Seasonal Affective Disorder light therapy lamp features four light settings to choose from. Start the morning right with 10,000 LUX light exposure therapy and use the light through the day on lower settings.
  • 3000k light temperature for a relaxing effect. A 3000k light temperature provides a soft light that offers a soothing effect. Softer light calms nerves to enhance well-being and promote better mental health.
  • Uses long-lasting LED bulbs. Traditional fluorescent bulbs burn out quickly and often make noise. Our 10000 LUX light box for depression uses high-grade LED bulbs that last longer, use less energy, and provide a more relaxing experience.
  • Use each morning for 30 minutes for the best results. SAD therapy lamps work best when used in the morning after waking. Natural sunlight lamps work by mimicking the sun to aid in resetting your circadian rhythm. Light therapy lights are an excellent natural method for boosting mental health, energy, and sleep quality.

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Boost Your Energy. Improve Your sleep. Maintain Your wellness.

Trust in TheraLite for your light therapy needs. Our light therapy lamps are tested, proven, and safe. Light therapy offers an all-natural and safe method of improving one's health, wellness, and sleep. It's ideal for anyone with sleep insomnia, seasonal affective disorder during fall and winter, jet lag, and more.

Upgraded with New Tech Features

We've taken the greatness that is our Aura sunlight therapy lamp and added new features, including a wireless charging station, alarm clock, and USB port. Wake up right with light therapy and a charged phone. The Aura Qi is compact, making it an excellent sunlight lamp for office or home use.

TheraLite Aura Qi Season Affective Disorder Lamp
10,000 LUX Sun Lamp

Meets Dr. Recommendations

When it comes to light therapy for winter depression, health professionals agree sun lamps for SAD must provide 10,000 LUX from a comfortable sitting distance and at an overhead angle. We take these guidelines seriously to provide the best light therapy possible. The TheraLite Qi provides 10,000 LUX from an adjustable overhead angle and 12" sitting distance.

Doubles as a Therapy and Desk Lamp

The artificial sunlight lamp features four light settings, making it perfect for both a light therapy lamp and a desk lamp. Its tall design combined with its small footprint means you'll get adequate 10000 lux light therapy without it taking up a lot of space.

TheraLite Aura Qi 10000 LUX lamp
10,000 LUX SAD Lamp

Glare and Flicker-Free to Prevent Eye Strain

For comfortable bright light therapy, glare and flicker are two things you need to avoid as they can create eyestrain. The Aura daylight therapy lamp is equipped with a light diffuser to reduce glare and emit light evenly while a high-efficiency ballast prevents flickering. The aura daylight lamp delivers high-quality LED light therapy without creating any strain on your eyes.

Delivers Full-Spectrum Light Therapy

Many therapy lamps available today use blue spectrum light which can damage the skin and eyes. The Aura sun mimicking alarm clock uses full-spectrum lighting which is safe and effective in boosting energy levels, enhancing the quality of sleep, and improving mental health.

Full spectrum light therapy

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  • Where can I find a manual for this lamp?

    The manual for this lamp can be found here:

  • Does the therapy lamp promote production of vitamin D3, as does sunlight?

    None of our lamps promote vitamin D production as they block out UV to prevent skin and eye damage.

  • Hi! Does the Aura and the Aura Qi have the same kind of light technology inside? Is one more powerful than the other?

    Thanks for reaching out! Both the Aura Qi and Aura use the same light technology inside and produce the same 10,000 LUX. The Aura Qi is an upgraded version of the Aura with a wireless phone charger, alarm clock, and USB port.

  • How many watts does it use?

    This light therapy light uses 35 watts. Thanks for asking!

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