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Love the TENS 7000!

When my old TENS unit began to die, I carefully researched many replacement options. Long story, but THANKFULLY, I found the TENS 7000 from CAREX. A great product, great service, and a solid discount on an already incredible price, sealed the deal! I immediately recommended it to my distant family members. The channel dials allow much finer tuning than a digital unit. With the 5 therapy modes, and wide ranges of other settings, I’m set for years to kick pains …dans la derrière!
I even referred this unit from CAREX to the medical supply store that offered a much older TENS 3000 for over TWICE the price of this unit!!!

Waste of money/time

The battery operated TENS 7000 are great. The rechargeable ones are lousy. 1 lasted a week before completely dying, the 2nd one quit in less than 24 hours. The screen blacks out & they won't charge or operate. Seller refunded money. Product is lousy

Don't ship FedEx

We ordered pad through you and it was shipped via FedEx Ground. The package first went to Troutdale, Oregon (our local sorting center) and sat their for nearly a week. Then it got sent to North Carolina (!!). When I contacted Fed Ex they indicated the package had been 'delivered'. Nope. Then it was shipped to Indiana and then Idaho. We finally got the package two weeks late. We're NOT gonna use your site to order again. Maybe if you made arrangements to sell through a nationwide company (Walgreens, Rite-Aid, CVS, Walmart....ANYONE!!!) we would reconsider.

DPL Red Light Therapy Slippers for Foot Pain Relief
Nancy Chedsey (Colorado Springs, US)
Love them!!!

I had plantar fasciosis and neuropathy in my right foot. These LED slippers have improved my pain and numbness at least 50 percent. Love them!!!!

Tens 7000

This unit is what I expected. Very simple to use with all the features I need. So far after a couple days of use my lower ba k is feeling better. I'm sure it will get better in time. I highly recommend thus unit.

Great product

Does what it says, can't complain about that

Carex Classics Bath & Shower Seat
Paul H (Glenside, US)

'Put this together easily and thought it would work out but it was used by someone whose weight was less than what the stool purportedly would hold. The leg splayed out and almost tossed the user off the stool. Very scary for someone who had just had back surgery!!! 'Had to quickly order a stool from a different company and couldn't return original. I had ordered this model Carex stool on the recommendation of a family member who'd had theirs since before the pandemic ~ I think quality has decreased in recent years ~ VERY disappointing.
UPDATE: While the product didn't work out, this company quickly followed up with me after reading my review and is issuing a refund. We were pleased and impressed that this company worked hard to make things right. Thank you, Carex!

Hey Paul,
Thanks so much for reaching out to us. We take these things very seriously and are pleased we were able to send you a refund for the defective item. We hope you consider us for future needs and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Bed Buddy Lavender Neck and Shoulder Wrap
Cathleen Birney (Las Vegas, US)
Love this!

I use this after work every day and it makes my aches go away. I love the light lavender scent.

TENS 7000 TENS Unit Pad Holder
Jerylin Brown (Clearwater, US)

Works just like the one at my medical care group.

too soon

as i stated earlier, i cant start using this until i take the Kaiser class on how to use it for my conditon - the earliest date they had was 6/18. So i dont knwo yet what i think of it & wont know until end of next month.

Carex E-Z Bath & Shower Seat with Handles
Sharon Bennett (Rohnert Park, US)

Very nice and helpful. Glad that I bought it for my disabled daughter.

Tens and my lower back

First time use helped relieve a portion of my pain. 1 hour and I was able to stand almost upright for a few moments. However, pain was back shortly thereafter. Will use 2-3 times daily.

Carex Ultra Grip™ Grab Bar
John Paul Boyer (Buffalo, US)
Carex Ultra Grip™ Grab Bar

Provides a useful assist to balance in the shower.

Carex Safety Treads
Joachim VanElls (Potsdam, US)
Carex Safety Treads

The treads were installed in the tub and did not stay attached when water was added. Installation followed the directions and the tub was not usesd for 24 hours. I would not recommend the treads.

Best Crutch Tips

I’ve purchased many crutch tips over the years (I can not walk without crutches) and Carex brand is by far the best. You can’t find other brands that make tips that last as long or have a better grip. You can’t often find ones that are as large.

Carex CPAP Mask Wipes
NJ (Bethesda, US)
Great (for ACNE PRONE SKIN) Antibacterial Wipe

I needed an ANTIBACTERIAL wipe to cleanse my CPAP mask because I have acne-prone skin. This wipe is nice and big and is great at removing all the bacteria, oil, and dirt from my CPAP mask every night. I'm breakout free!

Happy so far!

I just received my TENS unit yesterday and have used it once so far but I have to say I am very pleased with it. It seems to be very user friendly. My chiropractor uses one on my neck and shoulders and think this is really going to help my recovery.

Very potent. Wonderful and comparable to the brand

Can’t move without it

Love this device . I got my first one from my physiotherapist. This is now my second one and I can’t live without it. Using this device has allowed me to have a pain free life. I can now stand straight, go for a walk and do everything else that I used to do. My sister tried mine and loved it, so she bought one for herself.


It is easy to use and I hope helps with my neuropathy pain.

Carex Trio Rolling Walker
John Alley (Riverside, US)

Carex Trio Rolling Walker

I love it

I love it

So far the machine has helped. However, I find the top 2 dials are so close together with that I can barely get my fingers on them. Also, I have yet to figure out how to do the minutes.
All in all, a good little machine.