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Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp
Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp
Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp
Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp
Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp
Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp
Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp
Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp
Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp
Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp
Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp

Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp

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Leading university researchers around the world use Day-Light Bright Light Therapy lamps. The Day-Light Classic Plus SAD lamp emits the maximum dose of 10,000 LUX of glare-free white light at 12-14". The sun lamp is easily height and angle adjustable. The seasonal depression lamp's pedestal stand projects light downward as recommended by experts. It has two light settings, therapy, and task modes. The Day-Light Classic Plus SAD light therapy lamp is a versatile option for those who want the bright light therapy brand chosen by clinicians.

  • Provides the maximum recommended 10,000 LUX. The seasonal affective disorder lamp provides the doctor recommended 10,000 LUX of glare-free white light at just 12" to 14". This comfortable distance makes using the lamp easy and effective. 
  • Safely blocks 100% of UV. The winter blues light is safe to use without risk of injury from UV.
  • Projects light downward as recommended by experts. For natural light lamps to be fully effective, they must project light downwards. The 10,000 LUX light features an adjustable head for users to adjust accordingly.
  • Based on the model used by university researchers around the world. Our light box therapy lamps are designed and tested based on leading expert's recommendations. Trust in Day-Light to deliver an effective therapy lamp.
  • 4000 color temperature. The 10000 LUX light delivers a warm color temperature, which promotes comfort and improved mood.
  • Two light settings for therapy and task lighting. The therapy lamp doubles as a therapy lamp and a desk lamp with two settings.
  • Large 16" x 13" screen size for maximum results. The 10000 LUX light box is known for its larger than standard size screen. Its large screen delivers a substantial amount of light to provide maximum results.

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Boost Your Energy. Improve Your sleep. Maintain Your wellness.

Don't let a lack of energy, seasonal affective disorder, or any other condition keep you from a happy and healthy life.

Day-Light is the #1 brand for light therapy. All of our lamps are designed based on the recommendations from leading experts. Our light therapy lamps help boost energy, improve sleep via insomnia light therapy, and improve moods. They work by resetting users' circadian rhythm to boost energy and improve sleep. They're especially effective for anyone that may struggle during the fall and winter when sunlight is sparse. You'll feel the effects by just using the lamp 20-30 minutes each day.

One of the Largest Daylight Lamps Available

Light therapy experts agree, a larger screen size means better treatment.

The Day-Light Classic Plus sun therapy lamp features a large 16" x 13" screen. This means you'll get the full 10,000 LUX with a stronger, more efficient treatment. We've designed this lamp based on the recommendations from experts. It includes a large size, adjustable head/height, and produces the needed 10,000 LUX for a thorough treatment.

Daylight lamp for depression
Sun therapy lamp

Use Each Morning for 20-30 Minutes

Using the bright light lamp is simple, safe, and effective. Use the lamp each morning (close to after you wake up) for 20-30 minutes. Sit 12" away from the lamp, with it facing down at you. Add it to your morning routine while you read, eat breakfast, or work on a computer. You'll feel the effects as the lamp mimics sunlight, resets your circadian rhythm, and gives you the needed boost in your health and wellness.

Glare and Flicker-Free to Reduce Eyestrain

When it comes to selecting any depression light therapy lamp, glare and flicker are two things you want to avoid as they can cause eyestrain. The Day-Light Classic Plus sunlight light therapy lamp has a white diffusing lens to eliminate glare and distribute light evenly. Its high-efficiency electronic ballasts prevent flickering for consistent lighting.

Day-Light Classic Plus daylight lamp
Full-spectrum light therapy

Delivers Full-Spectrum Light Therapy for Safety and Effectiveness

Many sunlight light therapy lamps deliver blue light which is effective but can be harmful to the skin and eyes. The daylight lamp for depression uses full-spectrum bright light therapy in the 450nm – 675nm range. Full-spectrum lighting is proven to be safe and effective. 

Featured by Light Therapy Experts and Influencers

Aging in Place

"This mood light is incredibly useful and often a life changer for seniors who deal with seasonal depression and lack enough sunlight in their life. If you live in an area that does not have an ample amount of sunlight or your living conditions do not provide you with that, then this is a great option."

Men's Journal

"Some claim this lamp provides the best combination of function and affordability in the entire Therapy Light space, and we certainly can’t argue. It’s unobtrusive and looks great on the desk, and includes a safe, glare-free screen as well as flicker-free bulbs and adjustable stand with flexible angle, so you can project light downward, as recommended by health experts."

The Strategist

"This lamp, by Carex, a company often used in research trials, has a big screen with plenty of surface area. It won’t win any design awards, but it’s rated 10,000 lux at 14 inches, which means you get 10,000 lux when you are 14 inches away from the light. This model is positioned at a downward-facing angle, which all four experts recommend."

"Sets itself apart from most SAD Lights as it provides light from above, shining down onto your eyes – the perfect way to receive light therapy. My Rating: 92%"

VeryWell Mind

"Best for SAD. Designed to improve sleep, boost your mood, and improve concentration, it's highly recommended for individuals who experience SAD."

Red light therapy

"We actually like the “omni” approach that Carex has taken with this model. What you are paying for with the Day Light Classic is a highly clinical method of home SAD therapy treatment and a build quality that means that will last. This device could become your old best friend over very many winters to come."

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Ask a Question
  • I\'ve used the lamp twice, for about 5 minutes each time. I feel dizzy and disoriented afterwards and my eyes are straining. Is this normal?

    Side effects with bright light therapy are not uncommon and often dissipate in a few days as one becomes accustomed to the light. When using the lamp, do not stare at the light itself, but let the light shine down as you read, check email, etc. Some people will also move the lamp further away until they feel more comfortable under the light.   There are a number of resources that can help you learn more about bright light therapy, such as the Mayo Clinic website, or webmd. Always look for information from a reputable source and speak with your healthcare provider for specific questions related to your circumstances.

  • Can you adjust the height, independent of the angle? I mean, not the angle but just the height by itself?

    Yes. Press the button on the front of the base while moving the inner post up or down. Release button and wiggle post up & down a little to lock it in place at the nearest height level.

  • Can it be used as a task light?

    This light is designed mainly for therapy. If you are looking for a therapy light that can also be used as a task light you may want to check out our Aura Therapy light. This one uses LED bulbs, has 4 intensity settings and a tilting lamp head. When used as a task light, you can face the light down towards a tabletop and not have to worry about overexposure to the therapy it provides. I hope this helps. Thank you for asking.

  • Does this product use batteries or electricity?

    Electricity, standard 120 volt 3-prong grounded outlet.

  • Where is the power switch, on the chord, light, or on the base?

    The power switch is on the chord.

  • There are two settings on my lamp but they are not marked. Does anyone know if the switch should be up for therapy or down?

    Click up for therapy and down for a regular light

  • Will it damage unprotected eyes?

    My first answer is, no. However, one shouldn't be looking directly into the light, either. That being said, therapeutic light is received when doing something...reading, crafting, etc, within something like 18" from the light. If you "protect" your eyes, you won't be receiving therapeutic amounts of light.

  • Can I wear my glasses while using this lamp?

    Yes, I wear my reading glasses all the time while using the light

  • What is the height range?

    The base of this light stands at 28.7" inches, from the top of the base the light can be adjusted up to 31".

  • Is there a user manual for the daylight classic plus lamp?

    There sure is! It can be found here: 

    For additional light therapy tips, we recommend our use guide:

  • You can push the switch on the side up or down. What is the difference between the up light and the down light?

    Thanks for reaching out! This turns the light intensity down. The upward switch position sets the light therapy lamp to 10,000 LUX therapy mode. The downward switch position sets it to 5,000 LUX for use as a task lamp.

    Hope this helps!

  • what is the wavelength range ?

    The wavelength for the Day-Light Classic Plus is 450nm – 675nm.

  • Can a person sit too long under the light? Maybe 3 to 4 hours with it 24 inches away and always directly under it?

    We do not recommend using the lamp for too long with the therapy mode on as this can interfere with your sleep-wake cycle. However, it is okay to use the task mode for as long as you like. If you are sitting 24 inches away, you should get the benefits of light therapy by using it for about 30 minutes each morning. Try testing out your time and see which works best for you. Hope this helps! If you need further help, we have a section in our light therapy guide that goes over the basic of using a light therapy lamp:

  • Can the task light be used for extended periods of time?

    Yes, the task mode on the Day-Light Classic Plus can be used for as long and as often as needed.

  • My glasses have transition lenses, which means they darken in sunlight. Do I need to remove them for therapy?

    Yes, it is important that the light be able to shine into your eyes. Normal glasses are okay however transition lenses will prevent you from receiving the benefits of bright light therapy.

  • does this unit produce full spectrum light?

    Yes, this light therapy lamp produces full-spectrum light. Thanks for asking!

  • Do you have lamps that can be used with 220V electricity? If not, will using a transfromer with the lamp be safe?

    The Day-Light Classic Plus, Day-Light Sky, and Carex Sunlite will not accept 220v input.  They will work properly with an appropriate step-down transformer.

    The TheraLite 10,000 LUX Mood and Energy Enhancing Light Therapy Lamp and TheraLite Aura have external power adaptors that are capable of accepting 110v-220v input.  They would only need a travel adaptor to connect to the wall socket.

    Hope this helps!

  • How long do the lightbulbs last before needing to be replaced?

    This light therapy lamp uses LED bulbs and do not need to be replaced. The lamp is covered under a five-year warranty, should anything happen.

  • I have this product and have forgotten which direction is "therapy" and which is "task" please advise.

    Thanks for reaching out! The up direction is for therapy and the down is for task. You'll notice the light intensity goes up/down based on which setting you're one.

  • Does this lamp use LEDs or is it still using fluorescent bulbs? I'm considering it as a present for someone who hates the buzzing sound of fluorescent bulbs.

    Nope! We've switched our newer models over to LED since they last longer, don't break easily, and make no noise when on.

  • What type of extension cord should I use for the Carex daylight plus model?

    You'll need a three-prong extension cord for the Day-Light Classic Plus.

  • Is this light Full Spectrum?

    Yes, the Day-Light Classic Plus is full spectrum. Thanks for asking!

  • I’m wondering how long you need to sit in front of the light on the lower setting to achieve a therapeutic dose of light. I find the bright setting too intense and am hoping I can achieve the same effect at the lower setting if I sit for longer. Thank you!

    The lower light setting produces 5,000 LUX so you'll want to sit 12-14" from it for about one hour for an effective treatment. Hope this helps!

  • What’s the CRI rating on this lamp?

    Great question! The Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Light Therapy Lamp has a CRI rating of 85 with a color temperature of 4000K.

  • how long do you use per day?

    Great question! We recommend using therapy lamps for 20-30 minutes in the morning when sitting 12-24 inches away. If you are sitting further away, it's recommended to use it for longer.

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