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9 Easy Outdoor Exercises You Can Do to Stay Fit



Being in shape and exercising is about more than just looking good. There are also many health benefits to getting your body moving and dropping some extra weight.

Being overweight can be a cause for concern when it comes to your health. Excess weight causes your insurance to skyrocket because you are considered high risk. Having a high BMI can lead to the development of diabetes, in which case your insurance company may want you to receive an attending physician statement (APS) for life insurance.

With the right diet and exercise, you can minimize those risks for your life insurance and lower your rates. Summer is on its way, and there’s no better time to get motivated for a workout, get outside, and get in shape than when the sun is shining bright.

In this guide, we’ll go over some fun outdoor exercises you can do to stay fit. 

Basic Cardio Outdoor Exercises

Cardio is a word that many people hate. More often than not, cardio exercises are not considered exciting or fun. But getting fresh air and sunshine can make a big difference in your experience with cardio.

Here are some amazing cardio exercises you can do in the great outdoors. 


Take Up Running

Yes, this one sounds obvious. But don’t think of it as your typical paced run on a treadmill. Switching up your speed throughout your workout and having slight changes in your terrain will give you better overall results.

If you’re new to running, try running fast-paced for 30 seconds, followed by one minute of a quick walk. Repeat the rhythm for your desired distance. As you get more comfortable with your running skills, try switching up your pace to more time running and less time walking.

Running is a great way to lose extra weight and get yourself in good shape! 

Join a sports team

Join a Sports Team

An outdoor sport is a great way to get in shape and have fun while doing it. There are plenty of basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts all around outside. You can choose to play pick up games when there are other people around, or you could join a rec league.

Playing a sport allows you to work up a sweat often without even realizing. You are so busy enjoying what you’re doing that you don’t stop to think about the fact that you are burning calories and getting in shape while doing it.

You can even make new friends along the way who could push you even farther in your fitness journey. 


Start Biking

Riding a bike outdoors can be a freeing experience. You find a beautiful trail and get lost in nature, all while working up an amazing sweat. You can even go biking while in your own neighborhood. Sidewalks work well for biking paths too, and you can always map out a path that meets the distance you wish to bike that day.

You may enjoy biking with a friend or two or even your family. Often when other people are present, you are more likely to go farther because you are motivated by and enjoying the company.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to bike alone or with others; you can be sure you’ll get a great workout and burn a ton of calories. 


Go Hiking

If you’re a nature lover, hiking could be the perfect exercise for you to get out and enjoy the outdoors, all while losing weight. Hiking trails often have different terrain levels which leads to an amazing cardio workout, typically without even realizing it.

Whether you live close to hiking trails or they are a slight drive, this exercise is perfect for the person who enjoys getting outside and seeing nature. Losing weight is just an added bonus! 

HIT Workout

Do a HIT Workout

You could choose to do a HIIT workout in the comfort of your living room, or you could motivate yourself even more by getting out and enjoying the outdoors while doing it.

HIIT workouts are a great way to burn fat and get in shape. They are high intensity and will definitely have you sweating by the time they’re over. You can choose to use fitness aids or your own body weight when doing a HIIT workout.

You can find and choose from plenty of videos, websites, and even Pinterest boards dedicated to different HIIT workouts. Simply find one that works for you, grab your phone, and get outside to burn some calories. 

Calming Outdoor Exercises

Maybe you want to lose weight, but a quicker paced cardio workout isn’t your style. Maybe you have a medical condition that limits the intensity of your workouts. Never fear!

There are options for people who like to take things at a little more relaxed pace! 

Woman stretching, doing yoga

Stretch During Yoga

Whether you choose to practice by yourself in your own backyard, with friends, or by following group instruction, getting outside and doing yoga is an amazing way to get in shape and work your whole body.

Yoga will make you feel relaxed and at ease, all while toning muscles and burning fat through various poses during your practice. Throw in some sunshine and a nice breeze, and you have the perfect combination of an amazing, calming outdoor workout. 

Person walking with water and city in background

Take a Walk

Though not as pulse-raising as running or hiking, walking still has wonderful benefits for your body. Getting outside and taking a nice, long walk often can really help with your fitness goals if you are diligent.

You can walk trails at your local park, or even the sidewalk around your neighborhood. No matter where you choose to walk, you will surely start to see the benefits if you stick with it. You should try to walk for at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week.  

Girl roller skating in public

Learn to Roller Skate

Who didn’t love getting out on a new pair of skates as a kid? Well, skating can be just as fun as an adult.

Roller skating outdoors is a lower impact exercise that will still have you moving and working up a sweat. You can burn about as many calories on roller skates as you would while jogging, which makes it a great exercise for getting in shape!

Maybe you have kids at home, and you can teach them how to skate along with you. Or your spouse may enjoy getting out and skating around the neighborhood. You may even choose to skate alone.

No matter who you bring along, skating is a great way to get in shape and have fun while doing it. 

Person swimming

Start Swimming

If the weather is warm enough, swimming can be an amazing option to get outside and get in shape. Because of the buoyancy, many people have a much easier time getting moving while in the water. If you’re someone who struggles with joint pain, swimming will be a great option for you.

The joy of working out while in the water is that there’s really no limit to what you can do to get in shape. You can swim laps, jog around the length of the pool, do jumping jacks in the water, or whatever you choose.

The possibilities are endless. 

Your Health is Worth The Effort

You only get one body and treating it right is the key to living a happy and healthy lifestyle. By choosing to get outdoors and be active, you are making a positive impact on your overall health, which in turn will benefit not only your body, but your life insurance as well.

About the Author

Alexandra Arcand writes for the life insurance comparison site, EffortlessInsurance.com, and is a huge fan of the outdoors. She enjoys getting in shape all while enjoying the beauty of nature. 

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